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"Boma Beast Twisted Bōma!"
―Twisted Bōma's first words[src]

Twisted Bōma (ネジクレボーマ Nejikure Bōma, 2) is a centipede-theme warrior of the Hundred Boma Tribes.

Character History

Twisted Bōma revives from his seal in a forest area while the Boma warriors pursue Saint Beast Lakia to defeat him and thus remove the seal on Boma Castle and thus bring their leader, Great Boma Emperor Lagorn, into the modern world. When the Turboranger try to defeat him at first, he sucks them inside himself and removes their power, preventing them from doing anything and thus allowing the fairy's protector to fall. However when the Turboranger face Twisted Boma later, they use their youth to resurrect their powers and thus fight against him, using their Combination Attack and Plasma Shoot to defeat him.

After Boma Doctor Lehda revives and enlarges Twisted Boma, prompting it to speck in roars, the Turboranger utilize their vehicles and combine them for the first time into Turbo Robo, where they make quick work of the Boma Beast before finishing him off with the Kousokuken's Turbo Crash.


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Powers and Abilities

  • He has the ability to absorb beings within himself and take their power away, such as fully absorbing the power of the Turboranger into himself.


  • He possesses a centipede-like attachment which can attack like a whip

Behind the Scenes




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