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"We have our orders. Let’s go."
―The Twin Man's first words when arriving on Earth as evil Jason alongside his Putty comrades.[src]

"Farewell Power Brats!"
―The Twin Man after being forced to reveal his true form by Jason.[src]

―The Twin Man reacting to the Power Blaster and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Twin Man's human disguise.

The Twin Man was a mirror monster who was the leader of the first ever Evil Ranger team and served as the true main antagonist of the episode "A Bad Reflection on You".


The Twin Man is created by Finster and sent by Rita to Earth. The plan is to frame the Rangers as evil and turn the public against the Rangers. To do this, they will attack the city whilst the Rangers are indisposed and either take over the city or at least ruin thier public reputation. The Twin Man comes to Angel Grove with four Putties transformed into four of the Power Rangers' human identities while he transforms into Jason. Twin Man and his henchmen arrive at Angel Grove High School and sabotagedthe fountain with shampoo before bullying Mr. Caplan. The Principal gives the real Rangers detention so Twin Man turns into the Red Ranger and leads the other evil Rangers in an attack on the city itself. Eventually though, Zordon, Alpha and the heroes realise that it is part of their plan and the five escape detention to stop the villains.

The real Rangers come to stop the fake Rangers just before the Twin Man can excecute a woman with a duplicate Power Sword and the fight. The Twin Man fights Jason to a near stalemate but the other Rangers quickly defeat thier doppelgangers. Meanwhile, Jason strikes down Twin Man with a nasty jump kick to his chest and the monster returns to his real look. Twin Man uses a baton in battle, which he uses like a whip to hit the Rangers and knock them down. They recover but he creates a dimension similar to a kaleidoscope around himself and the Rangers before shaking the ground under them and blasting them down. He then charges at the downed Rangers but takes a nasty hit from the Blade Blaster Tower Formation, disarming him and causing an apparent critical wound. With the monster unarmed and badly injured, the Rangers destroy Twin Man with the Power Blaster who is knocked flat on his back and explodes in an eruption of blue-white mirror energy.


Twin Man was a sinister, cold and ruthless monster who took great pleasure in destroying the Rangers. He was also highly cunning, sly, devious and deceptive, as he and his minions turned into the Rangers and tried to discredit the Rangers by turning into them and acting as a villains in Angel Grove.


Twin Man

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: Twin Man was one of Rita's stronger monsters, being able to stand his ground against Jason in his Ranger form and knock down the entire five strong Ranger twam with single attacks.
  • Duplication: Twin Man's primary ability where he could reflect himself and at least four Putties to take on the appearance of the teens in human and Ranger form. The exact details and how he did this were never shown.
  • Mirror Dimension Generation: The Twin Man could throw his arms out to create a dimension made of mirrors that had an apparent dizzying effect on the people that this was used on.


  • Baton: Twin Man possessed a thin white baton for use in combat.
    • Lighting Whip: The Twin Man could charge up his baton with light blue colored lighting and turn it into a whip to cover a wide area and attack his enemies from a far.
    • Mirror Blast: The Twin Man could charge up his baton with blue energy and unleash a light blue energy blast. Although only used when he used his mirror dimension, this took down all five Rangers with one hit.

Twin Man's human disguise (Jason)

Powers and abilities

  • Morph: As Jason, the Twin Man could turn into the Red Ranger at will.


  • Monkey Wrench-As Jason, the Twin Man wielded a wrench which he used to sabotage the water fountain.

Red Ranger


  • The Power Sword: When transformed into the Red Ranger, Twin Man's main weapon was a duplicate of Jason's Power Sword.
  • Blade Blaster: When transformed into the Red Ranger, Twin Man's weapon had a duplicate Blade Blaster which could fire orange lasers.

Behind The Scenes


  • Twin Man was voiced by Bryan Cranston and, whilst disguised as Jason, he was portrayed by Austin St. John.
    • However, some believe that he was really voiced by Dave Mallow (the voice of Squatt) and they just used Cranston's name for whatever reason. The main basis of this debate is the fact that the Twin Man's voice was pretty much the same as the one that Mallow previously used for Pudgy Pig.[Citation needed]


  • The two-part episode "Doomsday", which came right after the episode that Twin Man appeared in, was meant to be the series finale. Had this gone through, the Twin Man would have been the final monster of that season.
    • This would have paralleled Zyuranger where Dora Mirage was the final (new) monster in that series.
  • Twin Man's name was a reference to the Tin Man of The Wizard of Oz.

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