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"At last, I am awakened! The mighty Tutenhawken will rule this land!"
―Tutenhawken´s last when is awakened[src]

Tutenhawken was an Egyptian-themed vulture/lychee/treasure monster. He was the main antagonist in Tutenhawken's Curse.

Character History

When the Rangers are on a field trip, Ethan James translates some Egyptian hieroglyphics, which unleashes Tutenhawken's curse on him. Awakened, Tutenhawken plans to take control of the city, and tries to make Cassidy Cornell his queen. When Ethan learns that Tutenhawken can only be defeated in the air, he uses his new Hovercraft Cycle to destroy him. After Mesogog makes Tutenhawken grow, the Mezodon Rover finishes the job.

Tutenhawken is one of the few creatures in Dino Thunder that is not in the service of Mesogog despite being enlarged by his Hydro Rejuvenator.


He is very greedy and domineering, especially by his abuse to his servants. Too amorous.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Resistance: He is very resistance to attack of his enemies, except the person had the curse.
  • Flying: He can fly and escape to his enemies.
  • Lasers Eye: He can shoot lasers by his eyes.
  • Lasers Blast: He can blast lasers by his hands.


  • Whip: His whip  can transformed in energy and trapped his enemies

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