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"No, no no! NOT MY SHELL! Nooooooooooo! Why didn't I destroy you when I had the chance?! You'll pay for this!"
―Turtlelini’s final words before his death.[src]

Turtlelini was a sea turtle-themed Armada Field Commander who was sent to Earth to distract the Rangers while Tranceferer continues his mission. He is later destroyed by the Rangers using their new Super Mega Cannon.

Character History

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Turtlelini was an arrogant, cocky, cruel, merciless, soldier who believes that he is the most unstoppable brute in the empire. But his arrogance is also his own worst enemy which led to his death.


  • Turtle's Shell: He wields a hyper dense shell shield which protects him from harm and is so thick that even the Super Mega (Saber) Blast had no effect on him. The only thing capable of breaking through was the Super Mega Cannon.
    • Lightning Blasts: Turtlelini can shoot green energy lightning from his shield by raising a hand into the air. This is his strongest attack as a single blast took down all five Rangers and another might have killed them had Noah (in Jake's body) not intervened with the Super Mega Cannon.

Behind the Scenes



  • Unlike his Sentai counterpart, Turtlelini did not grow giant by the maximizer due to the limited screen time he has been given.
  • His name is a pun on tortellini, which is an Italian pasta.

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