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Turntable Gomoryu (ターンテーブルゴモリュウ Tāntēburu Gomoryū) is a Turntable-themed Gomoryu Type Jamen Beast of the Dark Empire Yodonheim.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

  • Soundwaves: The Turntable Gomoryu can produce loud yellow or red-pink soundwaves.
  • Quadrupedal: Like all Gomoryu Type Jamen Beasts, Turntable Gomoryu ambulates on four limbs.
  • Extendable Neck: Turntable Gomoryu can extend its neck to great lengths to attack its opponents.
  • Division: Turntable Gomoryu is able to split into 3 separate components (In a similar way to ToQ-Oh). It is currently unknown if this is a common ability of all Gomoryu-Type Jamen Beasts.


  • Shoulder Cannons: Turntable Gomoryu has two cannons on its shoulders to fire its soundwaves.
  • Wings: Turntable Gomoryu has a pair of wings that it can use to create powerful gusts of wind in combat.


  • Height: 47.5 m
  • Weight: 3188.0 Tons
  • Dark Beast: Gomoryu
  • Jamen: Turntable


Behind the Scenes


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  • Turntable Gomoryu is:
    • the second Gomoryu Type Jamen Beast not to have a Jamenshi counterpart (as well as the second Gomoryu Type Jamen Beast overall).
    • the third Jamen Beast to feature a non-Jamen component (in this case, a gold chain necklace with a bling resembling the Yodonheim symbol).
      • It is also the first Jamen Beast to feature more than one non-Jamen component (if inspected closely, Carantula can be seen on top of Turntable Gomoryu's Jamen).


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