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"Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! (...) Uh hu hu hu hu! Ah, hi Mom! Hi Dad! (...) What’s the matter? Oh, I get it. We’re playing hide and seek. Hu hu hu!"
―The Turkey Jerk’s first words upon being created.[src]

"Visitors? (...) Come on, join us. As soon as I can convince my folks that turkeys don’t live in trees, we’re gonna have a blast and blow up the city. Hyu hyu!"
―The Turkey Jerk when confronted by Billy, Adam and Aisha.[src]

"Ooooo, whoo whoo whoo. I’m so scared. (...) What’s that? A portable microwave oven? Huh huh huh huh huh huh! I’m gonna knock the stuffin’ out of you."
―The Turkey Jerk when confronted with the Power Cannon and his final words before his destruction.[src]

The Turkey Jerk was a robotic turkey monster who served as the secondary antagonist of the two-part episode "Storybook Rangers."


The Turkey Jerk is conceived by Bulk and Skull as their new way of trying to uncover who the Power Rangers are. The plan is to have the monster attack Angel Grove, and when the Power Rangers arrive to destroy it, ambush them and remove their helmets. Although Bulk envisions him as more monstrous and horrible being, Skull uses the book about Thanksgiving dinner he got from the Angel Grove High book fair to make a turkey.

Seeing a chance to destroy the Rangers not stuck in the Grumble the Magic Elf book, Lord Zedd brings the monster to life. Although friendly enough, the two are so scared that they run straight through a large steel wall through which the Turkey Jerk then follows.

They climb up a tree and hide from the Turkey Jerk who cannot follow due to his weight though the three available Power Rangers soon arrive to fight the creature. According to Zordon, the Turkey Jerk’s arsenal can easily level the entirety of Angel Grove but the Turkey Jerk is initially nice and accommodating towards the three and even offers to let them help destroy the city.

When they refuse, he blasts them down but they fight him directly after giving Billy a breather. Even heavily outnumbered, the Turkey Jerk easily overwhelms and takes down all of them. However, Adam’s Power Axe easily gains the upper hand by disposing of the Turkey Jerk’s baster and kicks him away.

Extremely angry, the Turkey Jerk takes them down with explosive cranberries and plans to “serve up a fine dinner that just knocks them out”. Despite this, the three Rangers summon the Power Cannon which fails to impress the Turkey Jerk but a single blast from it obliterates him with one hit.

Presumably due to his weak and useless nature, Zedd decides not to enlarge the Turkey Jerk with a Growth Bomb.


The Turkey Jerk was an extremely dumb and goofy monster on par with Squatt and Baboo and was even initially accommodating towards the Power Rangers. Unlike those two though, the Turkey Jerk had a more ruthless and violent demeanor around the Power Rangers though he still thought of it as a game. After losing his basting blaster however, the Turkey Jerk became extremely enraged and nearly mad in his actions.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: The Turkey Jerk was able to ram clean through a steel wall with a single charge and haul around his massive basting blaster. In actual combat, single slaps were strong enough to take down each Ranger with one hit.
  • Durability: The Turkey Jerk shrugged off being kicked in the lower stomach by both Billy and Aisha.


  • Agility: The Turkey Jerk was able to turn his body fast enough to avoid a high kick from Billy.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: The Turkey Jerk was able to fight off all three available Rangers despite his appearance.
  • Equilibrium: The Turkey Jerk stayed upright despite being obese and kicked back hard by Billy and Aisha.


  • Weight: The Turkey Jerk was unable to climb a tree and get to Bulk and Skull due to being morbidly obese.
  • Teamwork: Although easily able to fight off the Power Rangers individually, the Turkey Jerk was completely blindsided when they teamed up against him.
  • Low Intelligence: When confronted by the Power Cannon, the Turkey Jerk pulled out explosive cranberries but charged rather than throwing them which led to his demise.


  • Fists: The Turkey Jerk was easily able to overwhelm the three Rangers even without his weapons.
  • Ray Gun: The Turkey Jerk wielded a massive basting like laser gun that could fire blue energy lasers. These were strong enough to take down all three Rangers with one hit.
  • Cranberry Bombs: The Turkey Jerk could throw red cranberry weeds that exploded on contact with the ground.

Behind the Scenes


  • It is unknown who was the voice of the Turkey Jerk.


  • The Turkey Jerk was based upon a robotic turkey.


  • No special naming conventions.


  • The Turkey Jerk was a Power Rangers-exclusive monster.
  • Some of Turkey Jerk's turkey parts originally belonged to the Chunky Chicken (now without feathers). Despite similar appearances, no parts of the Pudgy Pig costume were used to create the Turkey Jerk costume.
  • Turkey Jerk was the second and final monster to be destroyed by the Power Cannon as it was retired after it destroyed him.