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Turkey Jerk is a turkey monster created by Bulk and Skull but brought to life by Lord Zedd. Determined to learn the secret identities of the Power Rangers, Bulk and Skull decided to create a monster of their own, to occupy the Rangers long enough to unmask them. However, due to Skull getting their monster-making manual mixed up with the Thanksgiving cookbook he had gotten for his mother, the end result was a failed robotic turkey. Seeing someone had done the prep work for making a monster, Lord Zedd decided to bring the monster to life for them. Despite being brought to life by Zedd's magic, Turkey Jerk regarded Bulk and Skull as his parents, wishing to fulfill their goal of unmasking the Rangers. Turkey Jerk possessed a basting-themed ray gun he used in combat against Billy, Adam, and Aisha. He also threw cranberry-themed grenades, at the heroes. The Turkey Jerk monster was soon destroyed by the Power Cannon. The Rangers teleported away before Bulk and Skull had a chance to unmask them.


  • Some of Turkey Jerk's turkey parts originally belonged to Chunky Chicken (now unplucked). Despite similar appearances, no parts of the Pudgy Pig costume were used to create the Turkey Jerk costume.
  • Turkey Jerk is a PR-exclusive monster.
  • He is one of two Megazord bosses in the Tiger Electronics Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers LCD game. The other is Pudgy Pig.
  • Turkey Jerk is the last monster to have had the Power Cannon used on him.
  • It's unknown who's the voice of Turkey Jerk.