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The Turkey Jerk was a robotic turkey monster who served as the secondary antagonist of the two-part episode "Storybook Rangers."

Character History

The Turkey Jerk is first conceived by Bulk and Skull as part of thier latest plan to create a monster of their own; to occupy the Power Rangers long enough to unmask them. However, due to Skull getting their monster-making manual mixed up with the Thanksgiving cookbook he has gotten for his mother at the Angel Grove High book fair, the end result is a failed robotic turkey. Seeing that someone has done the prep work for making a monster for him, Lord Zedd decides to bring the monster to life for them. Despite being brought to life by Zedd's magic, Turkey Jerk regards Bulk and Skull as his parents and wishes to fulfil their goal of unmasking the Rangers. Turkey Jerk possesses a basting-themed ray gun he uses in combat against Billy, Adam, and Aisha. He also throws cranberry-themed grenades, at the heroes. The Turkey Jerk monster is obliterated by the Power Cannon and the Rangers teleport away before Bulk and Skull can get a chance to unmask them.

Presumably due to his weak and useless nature, Zedd decides not to enlarge the Turkey Jerk with a Growth Bomb.


The Turkey Jerk had a very goofy and dumb personality who seemed to genuinely care for both Bulk and Skull as one would a parent. However, he was still ultimately a violent sadist.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Ray Gun-The Turkey Jerk wielded a massive basting like laser gun that could fire blue energy lasers. These were strong enough to take down all three Rangers with one hit.
  • Cranberry Bombs-The Turkey Jerk could throw red cranberry weeds that exploded on contact with the ground.

Behind the Scenes


  • It is unknown who was the voice of the Turkey Jerk.


  • The Turkey Jerk was based upon a robotic turkey.


  • No special naming conventions.


  • The Turkey Jerk was a Power Rangers-exclusive monster.
  • Some of Turkey Jerk's turkey parts originally belonged to the Chunky Chicken (now without feathers). Despite similar appearances, no parts of the Pudgy Pig costume were used to create the Turkey Jerk costume.
  • Turkey Jerk was the second and final monster to be destroyed by the Power Cannon as it was retired after it destroyed him.