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""Turbotron coming in for landing! Bogies in sight! Ready to engage!""
―Turbotron's first words when coming down to attack the Power Rangers.[src]

""Mayday! Mayday! Maydaaaaaay...""
―Turbotron's final words before his death[src]

Turbotron is a fan/jet turbine-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Turbotron, along with Blaze and Roxy attacked the Rangers at a park where Smash was painting a mural (having been accidentally reprogrammed by Ravi to be obsessed with painting). While Blaze and Roxy kept the Rangers busy, Turbotron grabbed Smash and tried to fly away with him. Devon used his cheetah speed to rescue Smash, and told Ravi to take Smash back to base. Turbotron summoned Tronics to distract Devon, while he flew off in pursuit of Smash and Ravi, who'd taken refuge in a warehouse.

Turbotron activated his chest fan to blow Ravi away. Even with his gorilla strength, Ravi could barely hold onto the ground. However, Smash jumped in front of him, blocking Turbotron's attack, allowing Ravi to summon his Beast-X Blaster. Ravi disabled Turbotron's fan with his blaster, then used the Beast-X Cannon to finish Turbotron off. Gorilla Art


Turbotron speaks and acts like a jet pilot. His voice filter has an electronic effect. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength-Turbotron was strong enough to pull Smash, the largest of the Beast Bots, around with ease.
  • Flight: Turbotron is capable of flying using the wing-like protrusions on his back.
  • Chest Wind Blast: From the giant fan on his chest, Turbotron can unleash powerful gusts of wind to either suck his enemies in or blow them away.
  • Tronics Summoning: He can summon Tronics to assist him in battle.


  • Arm Blades-Turbotron has large blue blades on his gauntlet like arms that he can utilize in combat.
  • Chest Fan-Turbotron has a massive blue fan on his chest capable of launching the aforementioned wind blasts.
    • Turbo Mode-Turbotron can activate a turbo mode for his fan that increases the wind speed and was capable of making Ravi lose his grip on the ground.



  • Turbotron is the final Robotron created by the Cybervillains and the penultimate Robotron to be sent before the defeat of Evox.
  • Turbotron is the fourth Robotron to be created off-screen for Season 1.
  • Turbotron is the second Power Rangers monster to be themed after a turbine fan, the first being Turbine Org.

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