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A list of merchandise for the 13th Super Sentai series Kousoku Sentai Turboranger.[1]

Roleplay Items

KST turbobrace
  • Turbo Brace (ターボブレス Tābo Buresu)

KST turbolaser
  • Turbo Laser Set (ターボレーザーセット Tābo Rēzā Setto)

  • Real Sound GT Sword (リアルサウンド GTソード Riaru Saundo Jī Tī Sōdo)

KST weaponA
  • Turbo Casette A (ターボカセットA Tābo Kasetto Ē)

KST weaponB
  • Turbo Casette B (ターボカセットB Tābo Kasetto Bī)

KST weaponC
  • Turbo Casette C (ターボカセットC Tābo Kasetto Shī)

KST bazooka
  • V Turbo Bazooka (Vターボバズーカ Bui Tābo Bazūka)

  • Turbo Sound Highspeed Sword (ターボサウンド高速剣 Tābo Saundo Kōsokuken)

DX Mecha

1989 turborobo
  • Five-Part Combination DX Chogokin Turbo Robo (五連合体 DX 超合金ターボロボ Goren Gattai Derakkusu Chōgōkin Tābo Robo)[2]

1989 turborugger
  • Super Sky Combination DX Turbo Rugger (超空合体 DX ターボラガー Chōkū Gattai Derakkusu Tābo Ragā)[3]

1989 superturborobo
  • DX Super Turbo Robo (DX スーパーターボロボ Derakkusu Sūpā Tābo Robo)

1989 turbobuilder
  • Fighting Giant Turbo Builder (戦闘巨神ターボビルダー Sentō Kyoshin Tābo Birudā)[4]

Box Art Gallery

Action Figures

Chogokin Figures


Five Chogokin Style figures that each come with a Turbo Laser.

  • Red Turbo
  • Blue Turbo
  • Black Turbo
  • Yellow Turbo
  • Pink Turbo

Figure & Vehicle Sets


PlaDelu Mach Turbo 01–05 (プラデラ マッハターボ Puradera Mahha Tābo): The Turborangers' motorcycles that are each packaged with Turboranger figures. Each includes a Turbo Laser and small targets with photos of villains.

Super Big Pose Series


Super Big Pose Series (スーパービッグポーズシリーズ Sūpā Biggu Pōzu Shirīzu): 8 inch action figures in the same style as the popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers figures released by Bandai America in the early 1990s. All five Turborangers were released and include their personal weapon and a Turbo Laser in both gun and sword form.


KST popinicaTB

DX Popinica Turbo Builder (DX ポピニカ ターボビルダー Derakkusu Popinika Tābo Birudā): A small scale version of the giant base robot. It includes mini Turbo Vehicles and Turbo Rugger and can transform between base mode and robot mode.

PlaDelu (Plastic Deluxe) Vehicles/Mecha


PlaDelu Turbo Attacker (プラデラ ターボアタッカー Puradera Tābo Atakkā): A toy of the Turbo Attacker with light and sound gimmicks. It is scaled to be used with the Chogokin figures or the Mach Turbo figures.

KST PDturborobo

PlaDelu Turbo Robo (プラデラ ターボロボ Puradera Tābo Robo): A non-transforming figure of Turbo Robo. It has a rocket punch gimmick and Turbo GT, Jeep, and Buggy can be removed. It comes with the High Speed Sword and Turbo Shield.

KST PDturborugger

PlaDelu Turbo Rugger (プラデラ ターボラガー Puradera Tābo Ragā): A figure of Turbo Rugger than can be transformed into Rugger Fighter mode by detaching and moving some parts. It has a rocket punch gimmick and comes with two Big Rugger Guns.

KST PDsuperturborobo

PlaDelu Super Turbo Robo (プラデラ スーパーターボロボ Puradera Sūpā Tābo Robo): A non-transforming figure with light, sound, and rocket punch gimmicks. Turbo GT, Jeep, and Buggy can be removed and the figure can be laid down to form a trailer mode.

Sentai Robo Collection


Released through 1992 and 1993, the Sentai Robo Collection (戦隊ロボコレクション Sentai Robo Korekushon) was a line of 8.5 cm die-cast figures of the then-current and past Sentai robots. Turbo Robo was included in the first wave.

Toy Vehicles

KST machine5set

Turbo Machine 5 Set (ターボマシン5セット Tābo Mashin Faibu Setto): Mini cars modeled after the Turborangers' mecha.

KST shutsugekiset

Launching Turbo Machine Set (出撃!ターボマシンセット Shutsugeki! Tābo Mashin Setto): Mini cars of the Turbo Machines that come with a spring-loaded launcher.

KST powerdashyellow

Power Dash Machines: Battery-powered toy vehicles.

  • Red Turbo Machine
  • Yellow Turbo Machine


R/C Red Turbo Machine: A remote controlled toy of Turbo GT.

KST racingcircuit

Racing Circuit (レーシングサーキット Rēshingu Sākitto): A slot track racing circuit with two super-deformed figures of Red Turbo and Blue Turbo on their Mach Turbos.

Vinyl Figures

KST 5set

Turboranger 5 Set (ターボレンジャー5セット Tāborenjā Faibu Setto): A set of five 12 centimeter tall Turboranger soft vinyl figures.

KST 5bouma

Hundred Boma Tribe Showdown Set (暴魔百族対決セット Bōma Hyakuzoku Taiketsu Setto): A figure set of Boma villains and Red Turbo. It includes Lehda, Zimba, Jarmin, and a Wular Soldier.

KST turbopower

Turbo Power Set (ターボパワーセット Tābo Pawā Setto): A set of mini vinyl Turborangers and Turbo Robo.

KST CTsofubi

Turbo Hero (ターボヒーロー Tābo Hīrō): Small vinyl figures individually sold as candy toys. They have limited paint applications and details.

  1. Red Turbo
  2. Black Turbo
  3. Blue Turbo
  4. Yellow Turbo
  5. Pink Turbo

Candy Toys


Main article: Minipla
KST MPturborobo

Minipla Jr. Five-part Combination Turbo Robo (ミニプラ Jr.五連合体ターボロボ Minipura Jr. Goren Gattai Tābo Robo)

  1. Turbo GT
  2. Turbo Truck
  3. Turbo Wagon
  4. Turbo Jeep & Buggy

Roleplay Items


Turbo Transformation Kit (ターボ変身キット Tābo Henshin Kitto)

  1. Turbo Laser
  2. Turbo Sword
  3. Turbo Belt
  4. Left Brace
  5. Right Brace

KST CTcassette

Cassette Laser (カセットレーザー Kasetto Rēzā)

  1. Turbo Laser
  2. GT Sword
  3. B Bowgun
  4. J Gun
  5. T Hammer

Figures & Miscellaneous

KST CTmachine

Turbo Machines (ターボマシン Tābo Mashin)

  1. Mach Turbo 01
  2. Mach Turbo 02
  3. Mach Turbo 03
  4. Mach Turbo 04
  5. Mach Turbo 05
  6. Turbo Attacker

KST CTmetalturborobo

Die-cast Jr. Five-part Combination DX Turbo Robo (メタル合金 Jr.五連合体DXターボロボ Metaru Gōkin Jr. Goren Gattai Derakkusu Tābo Robo)

  1. Red Turbo Machine
  2. Blue Turbo Machine
  3. Pink Turbo Machine
  4. Yellow Turbo Machine
  5. Black Turbo Machine

Die-cast DX Turbo Rugger (メタル合金 DXターボラガー Metaru Gōkin Derakkusu Tābo Ragā)


KST fairydoll

Fairy Seelon Doll (フェアリーシーロン Fearī Shīron): An 18 centimeter tall play doll of the Turborangers' ally Fairy Seelon. She comes with a removable outfit and a wand.

GIU kirika

Girls in Uniform (ガールズ・イン・ユニフォーム Gāruzu in Yunifōmu) was a line of statuettes of heroines and villainesses released by Bandai. Kirika was released in volume 2.


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