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"Typical Vargoyle, playing games with his enemies. Morphing Beta Model into Turbodrone."
Scrozzle before his computer announced the creation of Turbodrone.[src]

Turbodrone was a Gigadrone Beta Model in Power Rangers Beast Morphers, created from the data of Turbotron.


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Whilst Vargoyle fights the Grid Battleforce Rangers, he feigns weakness and begs Scrozzle to send him help. As such, he uses Turbotron's data on a Beta Model to create Turbodrone who he sends to Earth in order to draw steal Morph-X from a nearby Morph-X Tower. Devon and Zoey confront it in the Chopper and Racer Zords with the former arriving first. However, Turbodrone uses its lightning attacks on the Racer Zord from above, knocking his zord down and ripping open the Morph-X Tower in the process. Turbodrone then uses its chest fan to begin sucking up the Morph-X but Devon cannot counterattack since Turbodrone is too high up to jump. When Zoey and the Chopper Zord attempt to intervene, Turbodrone puts its chest fan in reverse and blows the Chopper Zord far away before continuing the Morph-X theft. This continues until Ravi arrives in his Wheeler Zord which assumes Gorilla Mode. Devon uses the Wheeler Zord's feet as a spring board to reach Turbodrone which he obliterates using the Racer Zord's Cheetah Strike.

Powers and Abilities


  • Lightning Vision: Turbodrone could fire blue colored lightning beams from its eye that are powerful enough to tear open a Morph-X Tower as well as take down the Racer Zord.
  • Chest Fan Activation: Like Turbotron, Turbodrone could activate the giant fan on its chest at will to either suck in objects or blow them away.
    • Morph-X Absorption-Turbodrone could absorb Morph-X into its chest fan and presumably send it to the Cyber Dimension.
    • Chest Fan Wind Blast-Turbodrone's chest fan could be reversed to release a powerful gust of wind that was strong enough to blow away the Chopper Zord.


  • Flight: Turbodrone could fly via the light blue wings on its back.


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  • Wrist Blades: Although it never used them, Turbodrone had a pair of blades on each wrist that it could presumably use to fight with similar to Turbotron beforehand.

Behind the Scenes


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  • An Alpha Model Gigadrone was mistakenly shown morphing when Turbodrone is deployed.


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