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The Turbobuilder (ターボビルダー Tābo Birudā) is the Turborangers' base. It launches the Turbo Machines (from front and side bays) and the Rugger Fighter (from an interior bay), and combines with the Super Turbo Robo to form the Super Turbo Builder. It initially appears to help the Turboranger defeat the grown Dark Boma Zimba after Turbo Robo is forced apart and Turbo Truck is heavily damaged in the process. Ep. 28: Robo Fusion Failure The fortress is heavily armed with the Bulder Vulcan (ビルダーバルカン Birudā Barukan) laser cannons. It transforms from the base mode to robot mode when the command Build Up! Turbo Builder! (ビルドアップ! ターボ ビルダー! Birudo Appu! Tābo Birudā!) is given.

In the final episodes, it is revealed that Turbobuilder is built upon a site of massive amounts of fairy magic, due to this point being the location of the Great Seal, the ultimate seal where the 108 Boma Beast Pack lay dormant and hidden awaiting revival to destroy the Earth once unlocked. After Sealing Bōma undoes the main seal, Turbobuilder undergoes massive earthquakes with the power beneath it preparing to be unlocked. After Lagorn dies trying to undo the seal himself, he uses a failsafe to make Boma Castle plummet and destroy the base and undo the Great Seal beneath it simultaneously. Super Turbobuilder ultimately destroys the castle, stopping the process and thus ending the Boma fight. Ep. 50: The Dreadful Great Seal Final Ep.: Graduation of Youth

TurboBuilder cockpit

Turbobuilder's Cockpit


Turbobuilder's Cockpit with Turboranger

Super Turbobuilder

Super Turbo Builder (スーパーターボビルダー Sūpā Tābo Birudā): The combination of the Super Turbo Robo and the Turbo Builder. It is formed when the command "Fusion! Super Turbo Builder" (合体! スーパーターボビルダー Gattai! Sūpā Tābo Birudā) is given. It was first used to destroy Lagorn in both his forms with its ultimate attack, the Super Turbo Builder Beam (スーパーターボビルダービーム Sūpā Tābo Birudā Bīmu). The toy version is known as Combat Giant God Turbo Builder (戦闘巨神 ターボビルダー Sentō Kyojin Tābo Birudā)
Super Turbo Builder 2

Super Turbo Builder's head


  • Turbobuilder's transformation before combining and base mode appearance are similar to Daitetsujin 17.
  • During the planning stages of Choujin Sentai Jetman, instead of Sky Camp being the team's base, the Jetmen would've instead had a fortress/robot that would've been a retool of the Turbo Builder (as seen here); however, it did not happen.
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