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"Soon the Orgs will rule the Earth again!"
―Turbine Org's first lines when attacking the city dam with Plug Org.[src]

""You puny Rangers don't stand a chance against me now.""
―Turbine Org when the Rangers find out that he had grown.[src]

"(mockingly) Oh, I'm so scared!"
―Turbine Org's last words before his destruction.[src]

Turbine Org is a turbine engine-themed Org and is one of the first of the two Orgs to be faced by the Wild Force Power Rangers. He is one of two main villains, alongside Plug Org, of the pilot episode of Power Rangers Wild Force "Lionheart".


Turbine Org was one of the two Orgs that attacked Turtle Cove. He was one of the first of the Orgs that Cole ever witnessed. He first attacked Turtle Cove at night time, and encountered the Rangers at the roofs of Turtle Cove. He was ambushed by Alyssa but fought her off before jumping down and being smacked against a wall. He fought him off but was thrown into the sea by Danny although his turbines gave him the winning edge in that fight. He jumped out but was grabbed by a flying Taylor and was flown across the city. Despite that, he knocked her down and nearly smacked her into oblivion but Alyssa saved her and knocked him away, they nearly defeated him, but he was saved by Plug Org. Together they defeated the Rangers and retreated. Turbine Org and Plug Org later returned and attacked the dam of Turtle Cove and encountered five Rangers (Cole joined in to be the Red Ranger). Turbine Org gets attacked by Taylor and Max, but he manages to blow them away and when he did a combine attack with Plug Org, they nearly won, but then Cole ordered to combine their weapons and Plug Org was destroyed by the Jungle Sword. Turbine Org escaped, but he met Toxica and Jindrax, two Duke Orgs in the service of Master Org. Toxica enlarged Turbine Org and he attacked the dam and the five Wild Force Rangers. The Red Ranger tried to fight him, but in the giant size the Org quickly defeated him. The Rangers used the Crystal Sabers for the first time to call down the Wildzords from the Animarium. Turbine Org couldn't defeat them and the Rangers and Wildzords used a combine roar attack to finally destroy him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Lionheart

Turbine Org appeared in Danny's flashback in the episode Never Give Up! Tvicon.png TV STORY-Never Give Up!

He also appeared in Max's flashback in the episode "The Tornado Spin". Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Tornado Spin

Turbine Org's spirit was among the six Org spirits that Master Org used to create Tombstone Org. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sing Song


Turbine Org is a destructive, sinister and unrelenting monster that took great pleasure in destroying the Power Rangers. He is sadistic, power-hungry, and enjoys causing destruction. He is extremely misanthropic and arrogant, despises humanity, and thinks that Orgs must rule the Earth. He is also very pompous, abusive, rude, and likes to laugh at his enemies, as he did with Taylor. He is also boastful and naïve and often underestimates the Rangers and it caused his defeat. However Turbine Org also tried to warn Plug Org about the Jungle Sword, despite the latter not listening to him, which proves he still somewhat cares about his fellow Org comrades. He was also shown to be faithful to Jindrax and Toxica.

Powers and Abilities


  • Wind Blast: Turbine Org can fire a strong gust of wind from the two turbines on his face. This was able to work whilst underwater and was powerful enough to blow Max backwards. Whilst on the ground, on the dam that is, his turbines were shown to be powerful enough to knock back Danny and Taylor with no problem.
  • Speech: The Turbine Org can talk despite not having a visible mouth.
  • Teleportation: Turbine Org can teleport to any location at will.
  • Energy Combination: Turbine Org can combine his energies with an ally, as shown when he combined his power with Plug Org to perform their strongest attacks.


  • Strength: Turbine Org is quite strong, even though he is the first monster of the season (second if you include the Scooter Org). He was able to block a swing from Alyssa's Crystal Saber with his left hand while a single punch sent her flying to the ground. When fighting Taylor at the start of the episode, a single smack from him was able to knock her flat. A single smack was presumably enough to destroy Taylor as he used it to try and finish her off after this punch (whether this would have worked is unknown because Alyssa blocked it). By simply swinging his arm, he was able to throw Red Lion off of him and knock it to the ground (although it was very brief).
  • Durability: Despite being one of the first two Orgs faced by the Rangers, second and third if you include the Scooter Org, Turbine Org can take a lot of strong hits without much reaction. Four consecutive slashes from Alyssa's Crystal Saber only seemed to knock him back a few paces, even with a stab into his right eye area from it seemed to have no effect. Being knocked down and slammed through barrels and into a wall did nothing. Being subsequently chucked off a building onto some wooden boxes (whether this was because he is tough or if it is because of the boxes the viewers cannot say). During his fight with Taylor, being stabbed in the face by her Eagle Sword did nothing whilst he hit and knocked her down. When they fought on the dam later in the episode, a full force slash from Taylor's Crystal Saber (whilst she was flying at him) and was only knocked down. Being banged in the stomach by the Blue Shark and Black Bison merely made him stumble.
    • Resilience: Despite being the first monster the Rangers were (seen) fighting, Turbine Org was incredibly resilient and proved to be immune to many attacks and moves. Multiple smacks from Max, whilst both were underwater, did nothing. Being picked up, flown across the city to where he (presumably) started, and then dumped on the ground did nothing except annoy him. Whilst battling on the dam, being clawed and kicked by Max did nothing to hurt him. When he was made giant, he was mauled by the Red Lion but was seemingly unfazed by it (since he immediately threw it off) whilst being slashed on the head by the White Tiger's claws and was unfazed.
    • Unknown Durability and Resilience: When he was blasted by Yellow Eagle's energy balls, explosions erupted around him and he groaned in pain. However, even in the Sentai, it did not show him fall over or recover from it so how he took the attack is unknown.
  • Underwater Capabilities: Turbine Org was shown to be able to remain operational and fight back whilst underwater when Max dunked him.
    • Underwater Jumping: Turbine Org was shown to be able to jump out of water whilst in it. This is not actually possible so either he has special powers or physics isn't a thing in Turtle Cove.
  • Flight: Turbine Org can also fly at high speed thanks to the two turbines on his face. This was fast and powerful enough to send him zipping around the Turtle Cove cityscape and fly him up a building in a few seconds.


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  • Right Turbine Club Arm: On Turbine Org's right arm is a turbine-shaped club which he can use to bash his enemies with. It was able to be blocked by Alyssa's White Tiger Baton while performing a blow that would have likely put an end to Taylor, without either weapon getting damaged.
    • Double Energy Beam: By combining his power with Plug Org, they can fire two strong energy beams (with Turbine Org's coming from his club). In Turbine Org's case, he shoots a blue energy swirl from his club arm that resembles his wind. This is their strongest combined attack as it knocked down all five Rangers in one blast.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Turbine Org is the first monster to be fought by the Wild Zords.
  • He is also the first Org to be enlarged.
  • The existence of Turbine Org along with Plug Org can be the sign of Master Org growing in power, since the return of the Master brings the return of the other Orgs.
  • Turbine Org is the final voice role for Steve Kramer in Power Rangers.
  • Since he gets defeated after Plug Org, and also because he is the more powerful of the two, it could be argued that he is the overall main antagonist of "Lionheart".
  • Even though Scooter Org is the first Org to be fought by the Rangers chronologically, fighting Taylor a year before the events of the pilot, Turbine Org is the first one to be fought on-screen.
    • He is also the first Org to appear (not counting Master Org as he was in the intro of the episode and not the actual episode). Plug Org did not show up until he saved him and so is the second monster to appear in Wild Force.
    • He also shares the same name as his counterpart.


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