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"Ho ho! Ha ha! Yes. I’m here Lord Zedd. Your wish is my command. I’ll take care of those Power Rangers for you."
―TurbanShell's first words upon being created.[src]

"Ah, Power Rangers, I am happy to see you since I am ordered to destroy you! Just like this!"
―TurbanShell when confronted by the Power Rangers and destroyed a building to emphasize just how much he intended to destroy them.[src]

"Now this is just what I needed! An ice cream headache! Hey! Cut it out! I'm freezing my shell off over here! "
―TurbanShell when being frozen by Zack and Tommy.[src]

"Whoa! Huh? Whoa! Whoa!"
―TurbanShell reacting to the Thunder Megazord and his final words before his destruction.[src]

TurbanShell was a snail/mollusk monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Green No More".


This article contains content in reference to the main TV series, as well as supplemental material, such as the comics. A sliding/floating timeline applies. Story instances for TV and other media will be clearly marked.
Turbanshell (creation).webp

After capturing his future Dark Rangers, TurbanShell was created by Lord Zedd from the large and unusual shell that Kimberly found on the lake. Unlike most monsters, TurbanShell was not created exclusively to destroy the Power Rangers but to draw Tommy out into battle to completely rid him of his powers. TurbanShell wielded a staff with a large spiked shell on one end and was an amazingly strong monster, even more powerful than Pirantishead or the Stag Beetle. After coming to life, TurbanShell enlarged himself without any apparent help from Zedd's Growth Bombs and attacked Angel Grove. As he rampaged, he encountered the Power Rangers and showed off how much he wanted to destroy them by smashing a whole right through an office block. TurbanShell decided to obliterate them and unleashed massive energy blasts on the city but they were unfazed and summoned both the Thunder Megazord and Dragonzord into battle. TurbanShell charged to "make them meet Lord Neptune" but stopped when the Megazord advanced and was then blasted back by his lightning. However, he was unfazed so the Dragonzord took a stab at it only to be slapped back. He immediately rammed back the Thunder Megazord and summoned his staff to unleash a devastating energy blast. Although the Thunder Megazord initially walked through it, a second wave hit both it and the Dragonzord which wiped it out and ejected the Rangers onto the streets below. With the Zords defeated, TurbanShell decided to take a break but warned that he'd return to finish off the Rangers before he left. He then went back to Zedd to recharge his staff, who becomes furious with TurbanShell for leaving the battle whilst he had the upper hand.

Shortly thereafter, Zedd kidnapped Tommy and teleported him into a wheat field that was also in the Otherworld. TurbanShell confronted him there and quickly did battle after welcoming him to his nightmare. With Tommy's weakening powers, he was easily able to knock him flat on the ground and absorb his remaining powers into his shell which forced Tommy to scramble away behind a rock. TurbanShell then redirected the energy into Zedd's Green Crystal which he used to power his Dark Rangers. After searching for Tommy for some time, and failing to find him, Tommy ambushed him when he jumped out from behind a rock. Goldar intervened and that he would continue torturing Tommy while TurbanShell resumed his destruction of Angel Grove. TurbanShell was hesitant at first and wanted to be the one to finish Tommy, but Goldar threatened him and reminded him of his status as an underling, letting him know that Lord Zedd has other plans for him which finally convinced him to leave.

TurbanShell continued to attack Angel Grove which was broadcast on television and the Rangers felt helpless since they could do nothing to put a stop to him at that time due to their Power Morphers apparently haven been taken. However, Tommy managed to escape from Goldar and return to Angel Grove before going back and smashing the Green Crystal to pieces. With their compadre safe, and their powers back, the Rangers morphed and attempted to fight TurbanShell in the Thunder Megazord again. However, he showed that he was able to seal himself up in his shell and hurl himself forward repeatedly at the Thunder Megazord, forcing it back to the Red Dragon Thunderzord whilst making the other Thunderzords vanish and ejecting the other Rangers. Knowing that they couldn't afford to just give up, it drew its staff but was hit by the monster's eye blasts which now spiraled around and slammed into it. This knocked it straight back to its default Red Dragon form which would have been no match for the monster so turned tail and fled.

Thinking himself victorious, TurbanShell decided to have a snack before destroying the city and ate a bin full of watermelons. However, Tommy was inside the bin and was eaten as well before pulling out a Mega Heater and blasting his insides. He had received word from Zordon that the only way to defeat TurbanShell was to heat him up from the inside and then cool down his outside. With TurbanShell experiencing extreme discomfort from the "indigestion", Zack took the initiative and grabbed a nearby water hose and sprayed the monster down with it. This rapidly cooled down TurbanShell's exterior and causing him to freeze solid which rendered his abilities useless. With the monster severely weakened, Tommy was thrown clear although he was extremely weak. With their comrade clear, the Thunderzords were brought back and the Rangers formed the Thunder Megazord one last time. TurbanShell was completely helpless and they immediately defeated him for good with the Thunder Saber.

However, the defeat of TurbanShell proved to be a pyrrhic victory since the Green Crystal was successful in draining Tommy's powers and he lost them for good.

Split History

TurbanShell arrived during the comics equivalent of Green No More. Sometime after Kimberly and Tommy shared their first kiss, TurbanShell arrived in Angel Grove and was frozen by Tommy and the Mega Heater. However, he still managed to deliver a massive beat-down to the Thunder Megazord. He assaulted it with his staff just to get smacked back by its palm and they decided to summon the Thunder Saber. However, TurbanShell jabbed them with his staff which stole the Megazord's powers and overloaded their systems, wiping it out. He then jumped in to take out the Thunder Megazord for good but Tommy appeared in the Dragonzord and blasted him with its missiles. However, he wasn't fazed so the Dragonzord was teleported away which made TurbanShell consider him a coward. Unfortunately for him, this distraction was long enough for the Thunder Megazord to reboot and finish him off with the Thunder Saber.


TurbanShell was a ruthless, malicious, arrogant and chaotic monster who was highly loyal to Lord Zedd and would stop at nothing to destroy the Power Rangers. Most of all, TurbanShell was extremely abusive and contemptuous as well as very sadistic as well as taunting Tommy about not being a great hero. This even directly translates into him arguing with Goldar (a immensely stupid idea given that he is arguing with the guy with a massive sword).

In the comics, whereas his TV counterpart, who was fierce but far more jokey and less serious, this iteration of TurbanShell is borderline psychopathic. He took great pleasure in wiping out the Thunder Megazord although he got angry at the presence of the Dragonzord. His stupidity and arrogance was ultimately his undoing however since his desire to gloat about the Dragonzord's retreat ultimately let the Rangers defeat him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Laser Blasts: TurbanShell could fire yellow lasers from his eyes that were strong enough to cause massive explosions in the city and rain down debris on the Rangers.
    • Spiral Eye Blasts: TurbanShell can also fire identical yellow energy energy from his eyes but this variant spirals in a massive circle before slamming into the enemy. This was powerful enough to force the Red Dragon Thunderzord right back into it's dragon form.
  • Self-Growth: TurbanShell could seemingly make himself grow multiple times without the help of Lord Zedd's growth bombs. This is based on the fact that Zedd was in the Otherworld both times that he grew and was not in a position to throw his bombs.


  • Power: TurbanShell was the most powerful monster the Rangers had faced up until that point (even more powerful than Cyclopsis or Fang). He was so strong that Zedd called him his "best creation yet" just before he was created and even Zordon described his power level as dangerous.
  • Strength: TurbanShell easily smacked apart a building with three swings and knocked back the Dragonzord with one punch.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: TurbanShell was an extremely capable fighter, being able to overwhelm the Zords as well as Tommy with little effort.
  • Shell Strike: TurbanShell can leap into the air before slamming into the enemy with enough force to knock the Thunder Megazord back.
    • Shell Stab: TurbanShell could then retract into his shell and close it around him, the lid having a massive spike at which point he would launch himself into the air to stab into the enemy's chest. A single strike knocked down the Thunder Megazord.


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  • Shell Staff: TurbanShell had a large staff with a top that resembles a spiral shell to use in combat.
    • Spiral Blast: TurbanShell could fire a massive spiral of blue energy from the tip of his staff. This was his strongest attack as a single blast was enough to defeat the Dragonzord and eject the Rangers from the Thunder Megazord.

Behind the Scenes



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  • TurbanShell comes from what is commonly referred to as Zyu2 footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
    • TurbanShell is the last monster to appear in the Zyu2 era of Power Rangers.
  • TurbanShell's footage when small was made exclusively in America and is not Zyu2 footage since he was filmed only as a giant in Japan.
  • The footage of the spiraling energy hitting the Red Dragon Thunderzord comes from an unused portion of Lipsyncher's Zord battle from the episode Two for One.
  • Recently released Zyu2 footage shows that TurbanShell not only fought the Dragonzord one on one, but also the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and original Megazord instead of the Red Dragon Thunderzord and Thunder Megazord.
  • A version of TurbanShell that is recolored, with a stinger and a cape, and deshelled was seen in cameos in Fire in Your Tank and Heir to the Throne, where it was nicknamed Mosquito Man by the fans.