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"Ah ha! Tube Monster awakens! Tube Monster destroys!"
―The Tube Monster's first words when he is grown and rampages through Angel Grove.[src]

"Now! The city is all mine! Ah, Power Rangers. Just in time to be destroyed along with your city!"
―The Tube Monster when confronted by the Thunder Megazord and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Tube Monster was an inflatable life ring monster who a very minor antagonist in the episode "A Reel Fish Story".


The inner tube used by Bulk and Skull.

Rocky is acting as a volunteer lifeguard at Angel Grove Lake and is trying to motivate some children by saying that he has never seen a monster in the lake. Inspired, Lord Zedd resurrects an army of fish monsters to destroy the Power Rangers whilst half of them are scuba diving. However, though they initially see success, the Fish Army is swiftly decimated when the Rangers link up. Determined to pull victory from the jaws of defeat, the Tube Monster is created from the life ring used by Bulk and Skull who are trying to return to the shore of Angel Grove Lake after they have had a day spent posing as sharks trying to lure out the Power Rangers. Zedd’s intent is to create a monster with more “brawn than backbone” since he is tired of fish monsters who have failed him consistently by now. Immediately after his creation, Lord Zedd uses a Growth Bomb to make the Tube Monster grow to destroy Angel Grove whilst the Power Rangers are busy with his Fish Army. After demolishing most of Angel Grove, the Tube Monster begins to move downtown to wreak more destruction. Tommy remains behind to battle the other aquatic monsters whilst the other Power Rangers summon their Thunderzords. They form the Thunder Megazord even as the Tube Monster declares all of Angel Grove to be his due to destroying so much of it. However, the Thunder Megazord confronts him and, though he takes delight in them arriving to be destroyed and charges to do so, the Tube Monster is immediately overwhelmed and backhanded down. The Thunder Saber then finishes the Tube Monster off completely, whilst Tommy and Saba wipe out the Fish Army. The life ring used to create Tube Monster returned to the lake.


The Tube Monster was shown to be quite faithful to Lord Zedd and was ready to obey him whilst also possessing an intense thirst for destruction.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Strength: The Tube Monster was able to demolish several buildings with his tentacle club hand off-screen.


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  • Tentacle Club: The Tube Monster had a large mass of pipe-like material in place of a right hand with which he could club his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



  • His design is based on an inner tube.


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