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""Tubatron in concert. Get your tickets now!""
―Tubatron's first words.[src]
""Nooooo! This really blows!""
―Final words before his death[src]

Joey's tuba being infected to create him.

Tubatron's upgrade to make his sound louder, given by Scrozzle.

Tubatron is a tuba-themed Robotron like his twin Tubatron 2.0 in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Tubatron was created when Roxy infected Joey's discarded golden tuba with the robotron creation key. After proving ineffective in his first battle, Roxy later had Scrozzle upgrade his horn, which was tested on Blaze. While he succeeded in collecting data on the Red Ranger's cheetah speed, the chip was shot and fried before it was retrieved. He then tried to blast the Rangers into oblivion but they dodged and obliterated his amplifier with thier Beast-X Blasters. Tubatron was destroyed shortly after by Devon, Ravi and Zoey with their Beast-X Cannons.


As seen when he was being created he acts more like a musical director and speaks with puns as a tuba. He takes pride in his music, and complains that the Rangers don't appreciate his musical "genius."

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Tubatron was one of the stronger robotrons even though he didn't manage to take out all five Rangers.
  • Sonic Blasts: He can unleash sound waves strong enough to repel any adversary. In his upgraded form, these blasts are strong enough to knock a victim unconscious, as demonstrated when he uses them on Blaze.


  • Sonic Amplifier: Scrozzle equips Tubatron with an amplifier, which tremendously enhances the range and power of his sonic blasts.
  • Tube Arm:  Tubatron has tube-like appendages on his arm used to whack enemies away.

Behind the Scenes


  • Tubatron is voiced by Joseph Wycoff, who also voices Tubatron 2.0, and had previously voiced Lord Drillion.
    • Tubatron's voice is nearly the exact same as Drillion's but slightly deeper as if to emulate the low notes of a tuba.


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