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"Morphing Beta Model into Tubadrone!"
―Scrozzle's computer announcing teleportation of Gigadrone.[src]

Tubadrone (damaged).png

Tubadrone is a Beta Model Gigadrone created from the data of Tubatron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Scrozzle deployed Tubadrone while the Rangers were still fighting Tubatron. The Rangers defeated Tubatron before the Gigadrone's arrival and got to their Zords in time to intercept Tubadrone. Tubadrone unleashed its sonic attack on a Morph-X Tower, but Nate and Steel uploaded a digital recording of Joey's tuba to the Wheeler Zord, which changed into Gorilla Mode and used the recording to create soundwaves that neutralized Tubadrone's sonic attack, cancelling it out. The Chopper Zord stopped it with the Rapid Blast and the Racer Zord then took out Tubadrone's horn with its sword, rendering its sonic weaponry useless and the Gigadrone helpless. The Rangers then formed the Beast-X Megazord, trapped Tubadrone in an energy cage, Devon summoned his Cheetah Beast Blaster, and they finished off Tubadrone with their Beast-X Hyper Strike.

Powers and Abilities

  • Sonic Blast: Tubadrone could emit sonic blasts from its horn powerful enough to apparently destroy a Morph-X Tower. However, these blasts could be neutralized by a similar soundwave.


  • Damaged Horn: If Tubadrone's horn is broken and damaged, it will not be able to fire its sonic blast.

Behind the Scenes


  • Tubadrone is not voiced.


  • This Gigadrone is the first incarnation of Tubadrone, but its Go-Busters counterpart is the second incarnation of TubaZord. The Go-Busters footage used in "Tuba Triumph" has been digitally edited to remove the "Ver 2" inscription from TubaZord 2's horn.
    • The reason for this change is probably to match the Sentai footage of the Zord fight they used in the following episode. The Go-Busters equivalent of "Sound and Fury" originally had Yoko and Ryuji help some Japanese kids whilst Beast Morphers had Ravi and Zoey go to get their equipment fixed which is why Hiromu/Devon fought this MegaZord/Gigadrone alone. The 2nd iteration of TubaZord (whose footage was used for this Gigadrone) fought all three zords and thus this wouldn't make sense.

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