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Tsutakazular is Vader Monster "04" of the Vader Clan

Character History


Tsutakazular's flower form

Created as a plot to take down DaiDenzin, Tsutakazular is brought to Earth by Keller and Mirror in the form of a glowing red flower that is taken in by a strange man who takes care of plants. When its flower pot breaks, the man brings the flower into his apartment complex, where its vines grow out and strangle him to death as it begins to take over the complex and make its building's inhabitants victims to become strong enough to defeat DaiDenzin. Alarmed by the building being the same apartment where Akagi's student Santa resides, DenziRed tries to protect him by protecting the apartment but the Vader Monster attacks him as well, leading to the other Denziman to help remove it. After an assault with multiple DenziSticks, the Denziman defeat it with the DenziStick Boomerang.

After it grows, it immediately confines the Denziman into an abandoned building where it uses its poison gas to try and knock them out. Summoning DenziTiger, the carrier shoots away at Tsutakazular long enough for them to board DaiDenzin; but they have further problems when its vines constrict the giant robot preventing it from attacking and further attacking with its gas. Ultimately, the internal computer on DenziTiger attacks Tsutakazular on its own, allowing for the Denziman to finish it off with the Electric Full-Moon Cut.


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His main ability is to use vines to constrict its opponents while stealing their life to use for itself in his rose form, can turn invisible, teleport, jump high, use a leaf-like blade, change his size, release vines from his mouth, and can emit a caustic gas from the shoulders that harms whomever breathes it in, even going through the DenziSuits to affect the Denziman.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Tsutakazular were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


  • Naming - "Tsutakazura" - "Creepers, Ivy"


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