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Tsuraira (ツライラ Tsuraira) is a the Demon King of Ice (氷の魔王 Kōri no Maō) of the Neo Deboth Army, appearing in a conductor-like manner.

Character History

Arriving at Earth, Tsuraira noted to Deizarus that the Power of the Dragon King found there would enable him to rule the entire universe. King 1: The Birth of a New King!

In a bid to show Deizarus that he did not need to hire the space mercenary Juhyeok, Tsuraira arrived on Earth with Weihab to defeat the Brave Dino Force Rangers. Though overpowering Brave Blue Dino on his own, Tsuraira was overcome when joined by Brave Pink Dino and was forced to retreat with Weihab when Brave Red Dino arrived and struck the pair with a combined Dino Brave Finish. King 3: Gabugaburincho, We're a Team!

In their conference, Tsuraira learnt that Deizarus suspected Juhyeok to hold the Power of the Dragon King. King 6: Brother! Howling Crying Soul! When Raimein failed to draw the full power from the mercenary, Tsuraira offered to do so for Deizarus only for the lord to step in himself. However, Deizarus was eluded by Juhyeok, and so Tsuraira confronted Juhyeok along with Sechang Kim personally. Ultimately, Tsuraira was overcome by all six Brave Dino Force Rangers, forcing him to enlarge before being finally destroyed by Brave Raiden TyrannoKing. King 7: Advent! The Commander of Neo Deboth!

It was the loss of Tsuraira along with Weihab and Jinarik that led Deizarus to send Raimein, Homuras, and Arash all out at once when challenged by Juhyeok. King 10: Farewell! Brave Gold Dino

Powers and Abilities

  • Enlarging: As a member of the Neo Deboth Army, Tsuraira possesses the ability to enlarge himself at will.


  • Tsuraira wields a tablet and wand, strikingly similar to Icerondo's Shiver Sheet Music (ガクブル楽譜 Gakuburu Gakufu) and Despair Baton (ぜつぼうしきぼう Zetsubō Shikibō).


  • His name comes from icicle (氷柱 tsurara).






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