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Tsukishimaalpaca (月島アルパカ Tsukishima Arupaka) is, at first, an incompetent Chief Clerk who wanted to sell monjayaki in Akihabara. He was almost defeated at an instant but they realized he was too weak and they needed to take him to the real world to catch attention.

He went through various training methods used in Super Sentai with the help of the Akibarangers, developing emotional ties with them along the course. As he became ready as a worthy opponent, Akiba Yellow opposed to the idea of fighting him. Through an imagine spot, it was revealed that this was his plan all along; to befriend the Akibarangers and become close enough that they wouldn't be able to fight him properly.

Unfortunately for Tsukishimaalpaca, the Akibarangers fought him in full force out of respect for his effort. He was finished off by the Ludicrous Cannon in reality.

Behind the scenes


Tsukishimaalpaca is voiced by Tomokazu Seki (関 智一 Seki Tomokazu), who later voiced his older brother Asakusaalpaca.


  • Tsukishimaalpaca is named after Tsukishima, a place located in Chūō, Tokyo, Japan and an alpaca.
  • When Nobuo slaps Tsukishima Alpaca, and Alpaca replies, "Not even my own father hit me", this is actually a reference to a famous scene from Mobile Suit Gundam, where Bright Noa slaps the protagonist Amuro Ray to try and persuade him to launch in the RX-78-2 Gundam. This is commonly known in Gundam fandom as the "Brightslap".
  • The relationship between Tsukishimaalpaca and Asakusaalpaca is similar to that of YY Bingo and YY Gonza of Carranger: brother MotW who appear one after the other, have similar designs and where the second appears to take revenge for the weaker first.
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