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Tsugumi Inui (乾 つぐみ Inui Tsugumi) is the daughter of Capital City Fire Department chief Kenji Inui; though she appears shy and demure in nature she is actually rather violent and tough on the inside. She is brought to meet Matoi for a bridal interview for a potential union of the two, but ends up in a situation where her mind is switched with the Psyma Beast Garubaira, leading to her being within its body while it ends up taking part in her marriage interview. Ultimately she becomes key in stopping Garubaria, using roses to switch it back to its own body after she regains control but it instead becomes Matoi as a result of another set of roses falling on them. While helping defeat the Psyma Beast, she decides to not let Matoi date her due to seeing him as too weak.

Behind the scenes


Tsugumi Inui was portrayed by Kei Ishibashi (石橋 けい Ishibashi Kei).


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