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PRSS-Pestilox bug swarm

"Heh heh heh heh. Want some pain?!"
―Tsubotoguro's first words when crippling some civilians and trying to cripple even more.[src]

"Want some pain?!"
―Tsubotoguro when unleashing his bugs to try and infect Takeru, Kotoha, and Mako as well as his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"Damn you Shinkengers!"
―Tsubotoguro when he enlarged.[src]

"Nosakamata, appear! Go!"
―Tsubotoguro ordering his secondary support to appear and then fire on Tora ShinkenOh as well as his final words before his death.[src]

Tsubotoguro (ツボトグロ, Tsubotoguro, 42): Tsubotoguro is an Ayakashi who serves under Akumaro, able to unleash a swarm of insects from his body with his signature phrase before unleashing it being "(you) want some pain?!"


Sent by Akumaro, he was tasked with using his swarm to cause human misery in order to produce the final wedge for Akumaro's plan. After being slain by Super Shinken Red, having destroyed his bugs with his Kaen No Mai attack and using the Mougyu Bazooka to perform the Heretic Ruiniation, he grew and fought ShinkenOh. He wrapped it up with his tentacles but was knocked down by the Lion Flame Howl attack at which point he summoned help in the form of a couple of Nanashi . However, they broke free with the aid of the Kabuto Origami and Kajiki Origami and formed Kabuto ShinkenOh which easily destroyed most of the Nanashi. They then formed Kajiki ShinkenOh and destroyed the rest. Tsubotoguro then unleashed his bugs again but Tora ShinkenOh destroyed then with it's finishing attack. Tsubotoguro then summoned two Nosakamata which shot Tora ShinkenOh. However, they immediately formed Tenkuu ShinkenOh in the midst of the explosion but, although an upward slash destroyed the Nosakamata, Tsubotoguro survived the Tenkuu Bamboo Slice. With few choices left, they then formed DaiKaiShinkenOh and finally finished off Tsubotoguro with the Ika Tenkuu Buster's Origami Grand Release attack.

The insects he releases, resembling disembodied heads, make him the basis of the Hitōban (飛頭蛮) of Chinese myth.


  • Tsubotoguro is the final monster faced in the 2000's.
    • The next episode, which was the final episode aired in the 2000's, did not feature any Ayakashi and the episode after that aired in January 2010.

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