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Truth Discovered is the twelfth episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. It concludes the two-part battle against the Titanium Ranger.


After Captain Mitchell tells the Rangers about losing Ryan in a car accident several years ago as Dana thought she believed that Ryan was killed when he told the Rangers the reason of why he ordered them not to fire at the Titanium Ranger, the Titanium Ranger goes on another rampage through Mariner Bay, and Dana tries to single handedly stop her brother. When Captain Mitchell reveals the truth to Ryan - that he had no choice but to let Diabolico save him as they hung off the cliff - Ryan thinks twice about being evil, and gives up his morpher.


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  • After falling off the cliff with Captain Mitchell, Ryan takes off the Titanium Morpher and drops it on the ground. However, in the next scene where he is in the Skull Cavern with Diabolico it is back on his wrist.
  • Captain Mitchell said he waited 20 years. Diabolico had told him he would see his son on Ryan's 20th birthday. In the scene where Ryan was saved by Diabolico,he looks approximately 8 years old. That would mean he had wait 12 or more years.


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