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Trust in Me is the twenty-second episode of Power Rangers Zeo.


Rocky takes an interest in a blind karate student, but she distrusts him and the others. Meanwhile, King Mondo summons Defector to gain the Rangers' and even Alpha 5's trust.


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"Ay-yi-yi, this place is a disaster!"

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The episode begins at the Youth Center where a new karate student named Penny is practicing against several opponents.



  • The Defender Wheel keeps changing location so Rocky can quip some more. For example, the camera pans up to Defector which implies it was a POV shot from the Defender Wheel but then the wheel still magically managed to get enough space to energise itself for the fatal strike.


  • Final appearance of the Defender Wheel as well the only time that it destroys a monster and the only time that Tommy doesn't use it.
  • The original title for this episode was "Robot Recycling".
  • In the scrap yard scene, where and when Defector is created, Change Robo's chest, a hump from the Mastodon Dinozord and a broken exoskeleton of Drill Master can be seen.
  • Ed Neil and Danny Wayne Stallcup both make out-of-suit cameos as Penny's opponents.
  • Rocky demorphing in front of Penny despite his secret identity is justified due to Penny being blind.

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