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True Blue to The Rescue is the eighteen episode of Power Rangers In Space. It features the return and final appearance of Justin Stewart as the Blue Turbo Ranger, as well as Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster.


Escaping from Divatox's clutches, Storm Blaster returns to Earth to recruit help in rescuing its' teammate, Lightning Cruiser. After the Space Power Rangers are captured by Elgar, and Lionizer, Storm Blaster reunites with the former Blue Turbo Power Ranger, Justin, who then heads off to save his old friends.


On a distant planet, a squad of Piranhatrons are forcing the captured Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster to tow luggage around, while chaining them up and abusing them. When Lightning gets stuck in a rut, the Piranhatrons are forced to unchain the vehicle to get it to move, only for Lightning Cruiser to fire at them as its blaster is free. Lightning Cruiser fires at Storm Blaster’s chains, freeing its ally before getting caught again. Storm Blaster drives off and escapes the Piranhatrons.

On the Dark Fortress, Astronema receives a call from Divatox, telling her about Storm Blaster's escape and asks her to return it to her once she finds it. Instead, Astronema plans to keep Storm Blaster for herself if she finds it first, shutting off communications with a whining Divatox before ordering the Velicifighters to find Storm Blaster. Storm Blaster’s whereabouts are picked up by Alpha 6, and the former Turbo Rangers know they must rescue their ally, even though Andros does not know what a Storm Blaster is. Storm Blaster returns to Earth, only to get chased by Quartrons, but the morphed Rangers come to protect their friend, much to its appreciation. However, Astronema summons Lionizer to fight against the Rangers, and the monster leads the Quartrons in another attack. T.J. orders Storm Blaster to run off, which it does, but the Rangers are captured in the process.

Meanwhile, Justin looks up in the night sky in his new home, wishing that his friends and former Rangers are doing well in space as he misses them. After remembering the good times he had with them, Justin heads off for bed, only for his dad to tell him that he’ll have to cancel their Saturday plans due to work. Justin is disheartened by the news, but not long after, he sees Storm Blaster outside his house. Justin races outside to reunite with his old friend, only for the vehicle to open his door and asks him to come with him. Justin agrees, and the two race off to the Rangers.

Back at the warehouse, Lionizer threatens the captured Rangers with destruction if they do not lower the Astro Megaships shields, but they defiantly refuse. Justin and Storm Blaster arrive back at the warehouse, with the former seeing his friends captured. However, a squad of Quartrons attack Justin from behind, but the young former Ranger manages to hold his own against them before running back to Storm Blaster. Then, Storm Blaster races off into the warehouse, opening its glove compartment to reveal a spare Turbo Morpher for Justin to use. As Storm Blaster crashes into the building, a newly remorphed Justin makes his presence known, taking on the Quartrons better than before. Then, Justin frees the Rangers with his Auto Blaster, but reunions are cut short as they still have Lionizer to deal with. During the fight, T.J. reveals to Justin that he is now the Blue Space Ranger, and the two Blue Rangers take on Lionizer. With support from Storm Blaster, T.J. and Justin combine their blasts to knock Lionizer down. Afterwards, the Space Rangers take down Lionizer for good with the Spiral Saber Booster Mode and Quadroblaster combo.

Undeterred by this, Astronema orders the Satelasers fired on Lionizer, making him grow giant-sized. Without a Zord, Justin sits out as Andros summons the Mega V1 to attack Lionizer. After a brief scuffle, the rest of the Rangers arrive in their Mega V Zords, and they form the Mega Voyager. The Mega Voyager overpowers Lionizer before destroying him with the Mega V3 Missile, with Justin and Storm Blaster watching in awe.

With Lionizer destroyed, the Rangers reunite with Justin and Storm Blaster properly, but T.J. notices that Lightning Cruiser is not around. Realizing that they need to save their friend, the Rangers have Storm Blaster lead them to the planet where Lightning Cruiser is being kept. Arriving back to the planet, the Rangers and Strom Blaster fight against the Piranhatrons while T.J. frees Lightning Cruiser. Once everything is clear, Justin happily talks with his former teammates as they introduce them to Andros. Then, Justin realizes that he needs to go back home, but before leaving, he tells them to contact him if they need him again. The Rangers wave off to Justin as he and Storm Blaster drive back to Earth. The next day, Mr. Stewart sees a father and son packing for a fishing trip, and decides to cancel his work plans, just as Justin runs back to his room. The two agree to a fishing trip, and Justin is excited to spend time with his father.




  • Final unmorphed appearance of Justin Stewart, discounting archive footage used in "Legacy of Power". He appeared morphed as The Blue Turbo Ranger (now an adult) in the Power Rangers Super Megaforce finale "Legendary Battle" (and the extended edition).
  • This is the first episode since "Grandma Matchmaker" not to feature Darkonda.
  • Final appearance and acknowledgment of Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser. It is unknown exactly what happens to them after this point but it can be assumed that they went into hiding until Zordon's Energy Wave or went into storage like when they first appeared in "The Wheel of Fate." 
  • This episode is technically the equivalent of the "team-up" with the previous team, with Justin representing Turbo and his former teammates representing In Space. This is the first time a team-up with only one member of the former team would occur, followed by "Clash of the Red Rangers - The Movie".
    • Unlike the other movie, this one does not use any footage at all from Denji Sentai Megaranger vs. Carranger, the Sentai film where the two teams met up. This is likely due to this team-up involving only one member of the former team, in particular the Blue of the team.
      • Adam Park, Justin's former teammate as the first Green Turbo Ranger, also appeared during Space as well, making two Turbo Rangers that appeared this season. However, he didn't appear in this episode and, when he does appear, it's not as the Green Turbo Ranger, but rather as the Mighty Morphin' Black Ranger.
  • Justin's access of the Turbo powers by way of Storm Blaster could foreshadow how T.J. was able to use the Red Turbo powers as well in Wild Force's "Forever Red", accessing the same power from Lightning Cruiser to join the other Red Rangers in the battle against the remnants of the Machine Empire.


  • When Ashley introduces Justin to Andros, she says "He's from the Space Colony." instead of "from a Space Colony." as if Justin already knew about it.
  • When Storm Blaster is escaping from the Piranhatrons, hands can be seen under the steering wheel.


  • Go Fly Win (instrumental)

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