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For the monster from Time Force, see Tronicon.
"Hey rookies, meet my new friends. Scrozzle and Tronics!"
Blaze introducing them to the Rangers.[src]

The Dog-o-Tronic, created by Ben and Betty.

The Tronics are purple robotic warriors that are used by Evox as footsoldiers in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

The Tronics were originally created in the Cyber Dimension by the robot Scrozzle to protect himself from another robot named Vargoyle. After Evox arrived in the Cyber Dimension and forced Scrozzle into servitude, the Tronics became Evox's standard footsoldiers.

The Beast Morpher Rangers first encountered Tronics in their fight against Blaze and Cycletron. The Rangers defeated the Tronics easily, though one almost got the drop on Devon Daniels when he froze up upon seeing a dog. Betty and Ben Burke saved him by zapping the Tronic with their Zap-O-Matic, destroying it (though Ben was electrocuted as well). Evox's Revenge

Ben and Betty salvaged the remains of a Tronic and reprogrammed it to function like a robotic dog. Taking Care of Business

Powers and Abilities


  • Blasters: Tronics are armed with blasters which can fire lasers. They can also use them as melee weapons.


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