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For the similarly named monster from Time Force, see Tronicon.
"Hey rookies, meet my new friends. Scrozzle and Tronics!"
Blaze introducing them to the Rangers.[src]

The Dog-o-Tronic, created by Ben and Betty.


Blaze summons a squad of Tronics.


A salvaged Tronic being used for target practice.

The Tronics are purple robotic warriors that are used by Evox as foot soldiers in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.



The Tronics were originally created in the Cyber Dimension by the robot Scrozzle to protect himself from another robot named Vargoyle.

Season 1

After Evox arrived in the Cyber Dimension (after being teleported out of Grid Battleforce by the Mega Transporters) and forced Scrozzle into servitude, the Tronics became Evox's standard foot soldiers. In addition to serving as basic cannon fodder, the Tronics also performed a variety of other tasks, such as transporting Morph X and building or repairing equipment.

The Beast Morphers Rangers first encountered Tronics in their fight against Blaze, Scrozzle and Cycletron outside of Grid Battleforce. Most were quickly dispatched by the Rangers and their Beast-X Sabers but one almost got the drop on Devon Daniels when he froze up upon seeing a dog. Luckily, Ben and Betty saved him by zapping the Tronic with their Zap-O-Matic, destroying it (though Ben was electrocuted as well). Evox's Revenge

Some Tronics were helping Roxy with stealing some barrels of Morph X whilst Blaze was stealing Morph-X with the late Needletron's arm. Once he arrived with the Rangers in pursuit, Roxy shot them off their Morph X Bikes and teleported himself, the Morph X and the Tronics back to the Cyber Dimension shortly before Scrozzle deployed Needledrone. End of the Road

Shoveltron summoned some Tronics when the Rangers confronted him for the first time but the unmorphed Rangers made shot work of them. They were later summoned again after Roxy's plan to turn Ravi into an avatar failed with Devon personally taking them all on whilst Ravi and Zoey fought Shoveltron. The final Tronic was destroyed with a swing kick immediately before the arrival of Shoveldrone. Digital Deception

Ben and Betty salvaged the remains of a Tronic and reprogrammed it to function like a robotic dog. No other Tronics appeared in the episode. Taking Care of Business

Season 2

Following the Rangers' assault on the Cyber Dimension, the Tronics, along with the rest of Evox's forces, were relocated to the Crystal Dimension. Save Our Shores

The Beast Bots salvaged a Tronic body and mounted it on a pair of wheels to serve as a practice target for the Rangers. Later, Ben and Betty reprogrammed it to serve as a cleaning robot. However, when Ben ordered their Tronic-cleaning bot to clean up all the confetti in the lab, it started chasing him, Betty, the Rangers, and the Beast Bots - all of whom had confetti on them. Ben couldn't stop the cleaning bot, so Cruise vaporized it with the blasters Nate had made for him earlier. Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’


  • Blasters: Tronics are armed with blasters which can fire lasers and can be used as sharp clubs.


  • Like most Power Rangers foot soldiers, Tronics do not speak English. Instead, they make electronic squawking noises similar to the Quantrons.
  • Although Tronics typically disintegrate upon defeat, the fact that Grid Battleforce has been able to salvage Tronics indicates that this is not always the case.
  • Tronics are the third group of primary foot soldiers who do not debut in the first episode of their season. Prior to Beast Morphers, only the Tenga Warriors from the third season of MMPR and the Putrids from Wild Force had this distinction.
  • The Tronics are among the few groups of Foot Soldiers who do not appear in the season finale along with their master to fight the Rangers.


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