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Tronicon is a large and powerful golden robot created by Frax. He is the secondary antagonist of the episode "The Time Shadow".


Tronicon was created by Frax to destroy Power Rangers and Silver Hills. He was powered by a Trizirium Crystal, that Frax created from Zirium Powder stolen from Biolab. Frax sent Tronicon to destroy the city. Tronicon enlarged himself and went to the town. When it attacked the city rangers couldn't use their Megazord, because it was heavily damaged and they tried to fight the robot with their blasters, but it was useless against the sinister machine. Mr Collins sent the Raimei Destroyer against it, but despite the help of the Rangers' Vortex Blasters, Tronicon easily destroys this weapon. Tronicon continued his destructive rampage, and rangers couldn't fight with it, so they evacuated all people and tried to battle with their weapon against Tronicon. But then arrived the Shadow Winger, created by Alex, which transformed into the Time Shadow Megazord and after the big battle, Megazord finally destroyed the villainous robot. The Time Shadow

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Upper left leg.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength-Tronicon is an incredibly strong monster, overwhelming the Rangers and knocking all five of then down with a single stomp.
  • Armour-Being a roboitic monster, Tronicon has very strong metal skin that meant that the Silver Guardian's Raimei multitude of lasers had little effect anf the V-Weapons did nothing whatsoever.
  • Forcefield Generation-Tronicon can generate a large pink energy field in front of it capable of deflecting the Raimei Drill's finishing attacks be the V-Weapons.
  • Enlarging: Despite not being a mutant, Tronicon has the ability to enlarge himself using his Seal Patch.
  • Lasers-Tronicon can fire yellow lasers from it's arm powerful enough to destroy the Raimei Drill.


  • Tronicon is a very powerful robot. He has a large arsenal of weaponry such as;
    • Flying Disks-Tronicon can fire yellow energy disks from his shoulder like a machine gun that are powerful enough to knock down the Time Shadow.
    • Rockets-Tronicon can rapid fire yellow missiles from his right hand.

Behind The Scenes



  • Tronicon is the first robot created by Frax.
  • He is also the first robot and first enemy, that fought the Time Shadow Megazord.
    • He is also the only monster destroyed by this Megazord by itself.

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