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""You may have defeated me but you won't stop Trakeena!" "
―Triskull's final words before his "destruction." [src]

Exclusive to the Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed Rescue teamup episode Trakeena's Revenge, the Triskull was a Demon warrior who swears allegiance to Trakeena.


He was the leader of the Ghouls, foot soldiers Trakeena uses due to the destruction of her Sting Wingers. Triskull and the Ghouls were freed from the Shadow World, presumably by Trakeena, only to appear in our dimension on Mirinoi. He pretends to aid Olympius in collecting energy for Queen Bansheera, but was actually collecting it so Trakeena can return to her insectoid form. He attempts to stop the Rangers from entering the building, where the energy is kept, and was destroyed by the Red Galaxy and Lightspeed Rangers. The finishing blow was dealt by Carter's Battle Booster.

Powers and abilities.

  • Strength-Triskull is so strong that he can wipe out both the Galaxy Rangers and the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers easily.
  • Durability-Triskull, like his name sake, has skull like skin that makes him immune to the Quasar Sabres and Rescue Batons. The only way to defeat him is by combining weapons.
  • Lightning Spit-Triskull can spew green lightning out of his mouth. This is one of the strongest attacks ever used by any monster in the franchise, taking down the five Lightspeed Rescue and Leo whilst also nearly killing them.
  • Wire Projection-Triskull can fire red wires from his wrists strong enough to throw around Leo and Carter.


  • Sword-Triskull carries a giant bone sword to use against his enemies.


  • Triskull does not explode upon being destroyed by Carter. This is because in GoGoV Vs Gingaman, Darkness King  Gill survived this attack and only pretended to have been destroyed so they would leave him alone. The reason this was left out of his death scene here is because he ends up killing himself to release the demon that is Trakeena's demon form counterpart.
  • is the only demon known to have the prefix of "the" before his name. It was mentioned by Carter.
  • If he counts as a monster, he is amongst the most powerful monsters in the franchise (alongside Goldgoyle and the Mut-Orgs), being able to overpower and nearly kill two teams of Rangers with a single attack.


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