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"Heeeere we go! Magnetic output!"
―Jishakunagengorou's first words[src]

Trinoid #7: Jishakunagengorō (トリノイド七号.ジシャクナゲンゴロウ, Torinoido Nanagō: Jishakunagengorō, 7, 13): Jishaku (Magnet) + Shakunage (Rhododendron) + Gengorou (Diving Beetle). He placed tattoos of the letters N (representing North) and S (representing South) on people and objects to send them flying with magnetic power. It was because of his power that the Abarangers were scattered in different places throughout the world.

While Ryouga remained in Japan in Nagoya, Ranru was sent to Gold Coast in Australia, while Yukito was sent to Moscow in Russia. However, during their second battle the Abarangers were able to fool him with fake tattoos as Jishakunagengorou was unaware that his magnetic power over them was lost due to the intense heat from the Earth's atmosphere when he had them scattered. When enlarged he had the ability to burrow himself underground. Killed by Abarenoh.

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