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"Nice! I can suck up your youth too!"
―Zakurobacuum's first words[src]

Trinoid #6: Zakurobacuum (トリノイド六号.ザクロバキューム, Torinoido Rokugō: Zakurobakyūmu, 6): Zakuro (Pomegranate) + Roba (Donkey) + Vacuum. He was originally created to steal the power from the Abarangers, but then found that he could also steal youth from beautiful women, turning them into old ladies.

One of his victims was a famous popstar who was friends with Ranru. When it consumed too much youth it got a stomachache so Mikela had he eat the pomegranates on him to help digestion, boosting Zakurobacuum's power to where he could expel his feces from his nose in his "Pomegranate Bomb" attack. Upon his death by Abarenoh, his remaining feces were teleported to the Invasion Garden Palace and buried Mikela and Voffa alive.


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