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"The real terror is still to come! Be sure to look forward to it."
―Trinoid #5: Hakkarasniper's first words when [src]

"Who the heck are you?"
―Trinoid Hakkarasniper when confronted by the Abarangers.[src]

"I won't die until I kill you!"
―Trinoid 5: Hakkarasniper after leaping off a building during a chase from the Road Raptors and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"I'll blow everything sky high!"
―Trinoid 5L Hakkarasniper reacting to AbarenOh before blasting it and his final words before his death.[src]

Trinoid #5: Hakkarasniper (トリノイド五号.ハッカラスナイパー, Torinoido Gogō: Hakkarasunaipā, 4, 13):


Comprised of Hakka (Mint) + Karasu (Crow) + Sniper rifle. It appeared this Trinoid seemed to be able to fly but he actually used magnetic levitation. He was sent to snipe/infect people with a strange virus, turning them into beings like himself overtime.

After being injured by AbareYellow, Hakkarasniper refocused on killing Ranru out of revenge and set up a magnetic field preventing Ranru from contacting the others. While being chased with a boy that she was trying to protect, he helped her observe his magnetic powers. Ranru kept Hakkarasniper busy while the boy informed the other Abarangers of their discovery allowing Asuka to provide the Road Raptors as a way to keep up with Hakkarasniper and defeat him with the Riding Dino Bomber's Riding Dynamite.

Though Hakkarasniper seemed to succeed before succumbing to the death blow from AbarenOh, Ranru had a bullet-proof vest on her body that saved her life.

He was later revived in Episode 13 in order to be sent after the Abaragers in Feudal Japan and was killed again by AbaRed in Abare Mode.

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