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Trinoid #4: Bakudandelion (トリノイド四号.バクダンデライオン, Torinoido Shigō: Bakudanderaion, 3, 13): Comprised of Bakudan (Bomb) + Dandelion + Lion. First appeared in Episode 3 as the first Trinoid sent to Earth to fight the Abarangers. Could fire homing missiles from his shoulders or entangle people with vines.

Once Ranru figured out the frequency for his missiles based on the photographs from their first battle, she was able to create a control box to use his weapons against him. Killed by AbarenOh.

Later revived in Episode 13 and sent back in time to Feudal Japan to prevent the Abarangers' presence in that timeline from affecting the Evolians presence in the future and was killed again by AbareBlue in Abare Mode. Revived in the Movie and was killed again, this time by the Triple Gadget.


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