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"A certain someone gave me a call and tipped me off that you three were coming. I welcome you. I am Bellflazuleech. "
―Trinoid 2: Hirurindou's first words

Hirurindou's human form (Satake Akimasa)

Trinoid #2: Hirurindou (トリノイド二号.ヒルリンドウ, Torinoido Nigō: Hirurindō, 33): Hiru (Leech) + Ruri (Lapis Lazuli) + Rindou (Gentian): Hiding on Another-Earth for months as martial artist Satake Akimasa, the Trinoid was given the task of gathering energy needed to create Dezumoryla's body, using his Leeche Forks to steal an athlete's energy and convert it into Lapis Lazuli crystal.

Hirurindou could then eat the crystals to power himself up. He used that trick on the Abarangers, obtaining his own Abare Mode while taking away their Dino Guts. However the Abarangers rage over Asuka's apparent death after AbareKiller taunts him enabled the three to summon their inner strength, the source of their Dino Guts, and overcome Hirurindou with Dino Dynamite. First to be killed by MaxOhJa.


  • Hirurindou's task and abilities make him similar to Dora Chimaera from the 16th Super Sentai Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger as both were tasked to steal the skills of famous athletes in Japan and could use the skills they stole perfectly.

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