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"A congratulations to you!"
―Trinoid #22: Nanakuasarumba's first words when forcing a man to dance[src]

"Geez.....I'm not that kind of rumba Trinoid! I'm a celebratory rumba Trinoid to commemorate Lord Dezmoparamecia's revival!"
―Nanakuasrumba when confronted by the Abarangers.[src]

―Nanakusarumba after being enlarged[src]

"I may have been defeated, but our revived Lord Dezmoparamecia will destroy you all for sure! Happy holidays everyone!"
―Trinoid #22: Nanakusarumba's final words before his death[src]

Trinoid #22: Nanakusarumba トリノイド二十二号.ナナクサルンバ, Torinoido Nijūnigō: Nanakusarunba, 45): 7 Nanakusa (Spring herbs) + Saru (monkey) + Rumba Drums.


This festive Trinoid was created to celebrate the revival of Dezumozorlya, and his only offense is in his "Sunlight Monkey Attack" and explosive new years envelopes. He uses his Rumba Beam to turn people into new years items while making them dance the rumba.

AbaRed, AbareBlack, & AbareYellow were hit, only to be restored by Yukito's talents. The Abarangers used the Trinoid's love for rumba against him and blasted him with the Super Dino Bomber, restoring everyone back to normal. Once enlarged, Nanakusarumba uses his dancing to shake the city until the Abaranger use traditional Shinto music to stop his rhythm and get AbarenOh out, though he was defeated by the "7-Spring Herbs" finisher: Japanese Parsley, Shepherd's Purse, Jersey cudweed, Chickweed, Henbit, Turnip, & Japanese Radish.

But the attack took a lot out of both the Blastasaurs and Nanakusarumba. But the Blastasaurus were restored to full power by eating 7 Spring Herb Porridge and reformed AbarenOh to destroy the tired out Trinoid. However, Nanakusarumba's actions were a mixed blessing as he made everyone good at what festive thing they were changed into.

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