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"Merry Christmas! (......) Early? Nonsense! Here's your wonderful present!"
―Reindiasanta (disguise as Santa Claus)'s first words[src]
"Rein! Rein!"
―Reindiasanta's first words being enlarged[src]
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Trinoid 21- Reindeiasanta.gif

Trinoid #21: Reindiasanta (トリノイド二十一号.レインディアサンタ, Torinoido Nijūichigō: Reindiasanta, 41): Reindeer + Asa (Japanese for "Hemp") + Santa Claus. Posed as a Santa Claus, he gives presents to humans that contain Wicked Life Cells that turn them into Barmia. But this plan was set up by the Messengers to find the Another-Earth host of Dezumozorlya who already possesses the cells.

Asuka was able to discover that Dino Guts could restore the victims, after Mai, who was previously affected, was restored when her Dino Guts awoke when she saw the other Abarangers in trouble and cheered them on. The Abarangers were then able to cure the other victims with the Dino Guts and support from the families and friends of the victims. Reindiasanta's attacks include RedNose Beam & Big Sack.

Though killed by MaxRyuOh, Reindiasanta's final present was given to Mikoto, revealing him to be the other host of Dezumozorlya.

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