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"I guess this is goodbye....."
―Rougirafleshia's final words before her initial defeat.[src]
―Rougirafleshia's after she enlarged.[src]

Trinoid #20: Rougirafleshia (トリノイド二十号.ルージュラフレシア Torinoido Nijūgō: Rūjurafureshia, 38-39): Lipstick + Giraffe + Rafflesia.


Rougirafleshia was sent to make women "beautiful" with her Lipstick Magic, turning them into rafflesias so that humans would lose their ability to repopulate and eventually die out completely.

After being wounded by Asuka in the Armor of Darkness, Rougirafleshia retreated and was healed in a power-up that lets her shoot her Lipstick magic in fireworks-like "Rafflesia Special Edition" to affect more women.

Though Rejewel's interference prevents the Abarangers from attacking her, after they recover from their defeat against Rejewel, they overpower Rougirafleshia before finishing her off with AbareMax. She then grew with her Life Berry only to be killed by MaxRyuuOh's Bakuryuu Hissatsu Ryuoh Buster.


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