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Ran Izumo

Trinoid #1: Dragondoran (トリノイド一号.ドラゴンドラン, Torinoido Ichigō: Doragondoran, 46): Dragon + Gondola + Ran (Orchid), this Trinoid had been hiding under the Earth since the Abarangers first appeared. Posing as a miracle-working fortuneteller, Ran Izumo, Dragondoran's mission was to fashion a new body for Dezumozorlya to inhabit while selling off his wish-granting Master Ran Cards to the masses.

Once hearing that Dezumozorlya had awakened, he began to use his cards to place people under his spell, using them as offerings to complete the creation of Dezumorlya's body. However, once blasted by the Superior Dino Bomber, it canceled the ceremony as Dragondoran enlarged and was killed by the combined powers of Abarenoh, MaxOhJa & Killeroh for the Special Bakuryuu Great Charge Attack attack which bombarded him with a massive energy attack.

Behind the scenes

Trinoid 1: Dragondoran and his human counterpart, Ran Izumo was portrayed and voiced by Masashi Taniguchi, who previously played Nagare Tatsumi/GoBlue in Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive.


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