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"I smell it! I smell it! The smell of treasure!"
―Hagetakaraichi's first words

Trinoid #19: Hagetakaraichi (トリノイド十九号.ハゲタカライチ, Torinoido Jūkyūgō: Hagetakaraichi, 35): Hagetaka (Vulture) + Takara (Treasure) + Lychee. Sent to obtain the Devil's Stone, a piece of the meteorite that hit Earth, from the museum. Using his "Lichi Bomber", he strips Ranru of her power as AbareYellow, only for his attack to be used against him.

After a chase and being duped by Ranru in various guises, he used Asuka's ring to exchange for the Devil's Stone, unaware that Yukito booby-trapped it. With the stone destroyed, the Trinoid was intended to kill the Abarangers until he was defeated by Asuka in the Armor of Darkness. Killed by Bakuryuu Styracosaurus & DinoCarry.

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