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"Alrighty then! I'm gonna bag me a bunch!"
―Tsuribakatsuoribu's first words[src]
―Tsuribakatsuoribu's first words being enlarged[src]

Trinoid #15: Tsuribakatsuoribu (トリノイド十五号.ツリバカツオリーブ, Torinoido Jūgogō: Tsuribakatsuoribu, 26): Tsuribaka ("Fishing Fool", the name of anime series in the episode) + Katsuo (Bonito) + Olive . Created to fishes people on Another-Earth, turning them olives for the Evoliens to eat. He even kidnapped Koitaro of the anime "Fishing Fool". His attacks were "Fish Missile", shooting fishes from his mouth, and "Raw Sashimi".

Uses the olive jar as a shield until anime character Mr. Bin jumps out of the TV and takes the jar away. Without his trump card, Tsuribakatsuoribu tried to run, but is blasted by the Super Dino Dynamite. He was soon killed by AbarenOh Veilus-Rokkiro in a sushi-themed attack.

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