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Trinoid #14: Haematsu (トリノイド十四号.ハエマツ, Torinoido Jūshigō: Haematsu, 25): Hae (Fly) + Ema (Wishing Shrine) + Matsu (Pine Tree). The first of Migela's creations after his visit to Another-Earth. Goes off granting wishes, tricking people into giving it Ema (votive picture tablets). Until he grants the wishes of the Ema, any injury he gets is transferred to the wish-maker.

When Akio made his wish to have the games cancel, Haematsu fulfilled that wish by destroying the school. But with a combination of craftiness and patience, the Trinoid was killed by Abarenoh and died knowing he didn't fulfill the wish at all after he declared it fulfilled.

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