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Trinoid #13: Mukadenpanji (トリノイド十三号.ムカデンパンジー, Torinoido Jūsangō: Mukadenpanjī , 22-23): Mukade (Centipede) + Denpa (Electromagnetic Waves) + Pansy. Commissioned by Mikoto to help him in his game. While a Zolru posed as it, the real Mukadenpanji hid in the studio camera while using his power through the Vanity Princess show to make children disrespectful and dangerous by using the airwaves to transfer smaller versions of himself into them, giving them telekinetic powers.

Mikoto later reveals that Mukadenpanji's true purpose was to teach the Abarangers that trusting others is a weakness, as both the Vanity Princess actresses and their sponsors were in were league with Mukadenpanji until they found out that the monster's actions affected them as well in due time. The Trinoid was defeated by the Super Dino Dynamite, with a delayed resurrection to attack both the Abarangers and Abare Killer as Mikela planned. Wounded by the Killeroh Knuckles-Nokodon, the Trinoid was finished off by AbarenOh.

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