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Trinoid #12: Yatsudenwani (トリノイド12号 ヤツデンワニ Torinoido Juuni-go: Yatsudenwani, 18 & 21-Dekaranger vs. Abaranger): Nihon no Yatsude (Japanese Fatsia) + Denwa (Telephone) + Wani (Crocodile).


A powerful Trinoid who was seemingly killed by AbareKiller before he could do any harm. But in reality, he was captured and forced to be Mikoto's manservant, making Yatsudenwani a disgrace to his "dad", Mikela. To redeem himself, he decided to capture the other Abarangers, resulting with his crush on Ranru Itsuki and stalking her on occasion via phone. But soon, after the Killer Giganoid incident, Yatsudenwani moved into Dino House and became a member of its staff. In #44, Yatsudenwani used a new power, "TeleCroco Dream", to put the Abarangers into a deep slumber until they woke up and retaliated with Super Dino Bomber. However, the entire episode was just a bad dream the Trinoid had. In the end, Yatsudenwani chose to stay on Earth as he had nowhere else to go.

Dekaranger vs. Abaranger

In Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, it was revealed that he now runs the flourishing Dino House and its branches as CEO. Furthermore, Yatsudenwani held an artifact capable of resurrecting Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya. In addition, he glomped Banban Akaza (DekaRed) while mistaking him for Ranru, and eavesdropped on Ranru, Emiri Imanaka, Umeko, and Jasmine while they were bathing, resulting in a severe beating during the group's victory meal.

Gokaiger vs. Gavan

He was among the reformed villains captured within the Space Prison in Makuu Space in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Uchuu Keiji Gavan: The Movie, locked up by the villains for betraying evil and released by the Gokaiger as they caused a big ruckus within. As it was in Abaranger, his perverted nature lead him to harass Luka and Ahim.

Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger

In Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger, Yatsudenwani cameos as the manager of a Dino Curry in 2005 where Captain Marvelous, having been sent back in time by the Phantom Ranger Keys, went to and ate some chicken curry before being confronted by Hiromu Sakurada.


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  • Height: 255 cm
  • Weight: 298 kg


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