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==Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid==
*Trini, wearing the Black Dragon Armor, is one of Update 1’s free characters for [[Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid]]. She primarily uses a move set similar to the Black Dragon Zord in Power Rangers Legacy Wars as well as haveing more health than an average fighter due to her larger size compared to other characters.
[[File:2308659D-7285-465F-B3CC-6F9121CF9BBE.png|thumb|Trini’s Offical Render.]]

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This article is about a/an ranger in the Power Rangers comic sub-franchise by Boom! Studios.

For the original TV version of this character, see Trini Kwan
For the version from the 2017 movie, see Trini (2017 movie) .

Trini Kwan is the Yellow Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as well as the All-New Power Rangers. She also served for a time as the team's Red Ranger.

Go Go Power Rangers

Trini was chosen by Zordon to wield the power of the Saber-Toothed Tiger Power Coin to become the Yellow Power Ranger. She is a bright, supportive and athletic young woman who is able to assist Billy with zord maintenance due to her own advanced intellect. She initially wanted to pursue a similar career to her father, who was a doctor in Taiwan, but since participating in the World Peace Summit she has found a new trajectory in life. Near the start of her Ranger career, Trini had a crush on Jason but later fell in love with Zack.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

When Tommy fell unconscious after his battle with Scorpina, she made a request to Zordon that she perform a power scan on him, noting that his heart rate was heightened. The two bonded during the analysis, with her recognizing Tommy's guilt over his actions under Rita's spell. During the scan, Tommy began to hallucinate and, along with the scan itself, gave Trini clear evidence that Rita's control had done more damage to Tommy than he'd been letting on.

During the battle against Lord Drakkon's Black Dragon, Trini and the other rangers have their powers severed after Billy's Power Coin is taken. She is re-powered as a Green Ranger thanks to Tommy's Power Coin and reclaims control of her Zord. She is abducted during the battle with Finster's Goldar Army and uses the situation to reclaim Billy's coin. With Billy's Zord regained under their control, they form the Megazord, stop Goldar and travel to Lord Drakkon's dimension to aid the rebels against Rita's forces and save their lost friends.

In an attempt to regain Zordon's tether to their world, Trini and Kimberly reclaim the fragments of Zordon's Staff from a black market dealer named Zosma.

Shattered Grid

Participating in a final push against Drakkon's Tower on the Moon in the World of the Coinless, Trini manned her station in the Dragonzord Battle Mode led by Kimberly, who Jason entrusted with Tommy's Dragon Armor. Within one of the several Megazords present, the Rangers led the fight against a massive army of Ranger Sentries. Eventually, however, the Megazords were overwhelmed by the arrival of Lord Drakkon's immense Zord, Serpentera, whose assault forced the Rangers out from their cockpits onto the ground. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30

After Drakkon destroys and remakes the universe to make an ideal version of it, Trini and Zack are employed as reporters. In this role, they cover Drakkon's various victories against monsters attacking the city. However, after Tommy is able to reenter the world, Trini's memories return and her Ranger powers are reactivated. Trini and the other Rangers engage in a battle with Drakkon and are losing until Lauren and Jen arrive, opening the door for Tommy to claim the Heart of the Master and for the universe to be destroyed. 

Trini and the other Rangers find themselves in a void with the Emissaries, who inform them that they have the power to remake the universe, though there will be side effects from Drakkon's interference. Trini and the other Rangers grip the Heart of the Master and wish for the universe to be reformed, and they are last seen successfully reviving it. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale Issue 1

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink

Zack and Trini sharing a kiss after the battle in Issue 5 of MMPR: Pink.

At some point after the World Peace Summit, Zack and Trini started dating.Pink: Issue 5 Now living in South America, Trini literally crash lands into Kimberly when she comes to get her - having overcome her fear of heights. After explaining the situation to them, Zack and Trini are willing to help Kim and become rangers one last time using the Sword of Light's power.Pink Issue 2

Yellow Mighty Morphin Ranger

Ranger Costume

This is Trini's default Ranger form as given to her by Zordon through the Power Coin.



Yellow Ranger with Green Ranger powers

With the Yellow Ranger powers taken by the Black Dragon, Tommy Oliver sacrificed his powers to activate the powers of the other Rangers.



All-New Yellow Ranger

Trini, no longer a Ranger, became one again through the Sword of Light.


Yellow Ranger in Black Dragon Armor

By modifying her morpher's teleportation function, Trini was able to utilize the parts of the fallen Black Dragon after reprogramming it ahead of time. This allowed her to create an exosuit of armor to fend off Rita's forces long enough to reclaim Billy's Power Coin and scare Rita away.

Trini is Red.jpg
Due to the properties of a dimension Jason and Trini were sucked into affecting her connection to the Morphin Grid, Trini's powers and weapons swapped with Jason's to become the Red Ranger, yet she retains her original Power Coin.[1] Arsenal


Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

  • Trini, wearing the Black Dragon Armor, is one of Update 1’s free characters for Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid. She primarily uses a move set similar to the Black Dragon Zord in Power Rangers Legacy Wars as well as haveing more health than an average fighter due to her larger size compared to other characters.

Trini’s Offical Render.


Trini’s First look in Battle For The Grid.

  • Trini in her Black Dragon Armor will debut as the first of the Free DLC Power Rangers for Power Rangers Battle For The Grid. This will be the first Ranger in the game with a Battlizer form and will be the first character that has no official costume changes from the TV Show but originates from the Comics.


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