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Trilobite Evo (サンヨウチュウシンカ Sanyōchūshinka, 4) is the trilobite-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

An Evolution Beast created by General Kar created as part of a plot to use the power of a fossil to fossilize the human race, recreating a creature that existed in prehistoric times and equipping it with the means to turn people into living fossils. During an initial encounter at an amusement park, Trilobite Shinka freezes the intruding Kousaku Nangou, unknowing that he was DynaYellow of the Dynaman, before going on a rampage through town. By the time the Dynaman try to stop it, the Jashinka forces realizes the team is a man short, forcing them to collect all their fossilized humans and restore them in hopes of finding DynaYellow and using them to find team secrets. However by the time they collect Nangou and revive him, the other Dynaman have caught up to the base they were restoring the captured humans, allowing the real DynaYellow to sneak away and join with the team; he ultimately hits the Evolution Beast with his Chain Crusher before the team weakens it with Super Dynamite. After Big Bang Process, Trilobite Shinka faces Dyna Robo before fossilizing its defense; however the Lightning Gravity Fall was still too much for it and it was destroyed.


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Modus and Arsenal

Trilobite Shinka's mail ability is to emit a special gas that "fossilizes" anyone hit by it, turning them into a stone statue. Anyone who becomes fossilized can only become restored to normal by being dipped in a special bath. Trilobite Shinka also possesses extremely hard defense by fossilizing itself. It was also able to become invisible, teleport, emit explosive flashes from its eyes, had a pair of antennae that acted as whips, and could change its size.


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Behind the Scenes

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