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"I've invaded their minds! Now I'll put all kinds of weird thoughts in them."
―Trickster's first words[src]

"How did you figure it out?! Aah, my dream's gone! This is the worst wake-up call ever! You Rangers treated me to a nasty trick!"
―Trickster's final words before his death[src]

Trickster is a Nighlok who can make people think about horror movies. He could teleport people to movie like dimensions. He appeared as the primary antagonist in the Halloween Super Samurai special.


Trickester is one of Nighloks, he possessed the ability to control horror movies, such as trapping in the movie dimensions.

He is sent by Master Xandred and Octoroo and he traps the Rangers in his movie dimension to let Master Xandred take over Earth without any interference, but the Rangers find out his plan and the movie version of himself battles the Rangers. He was destroyed by the Multi Disc Octo Cannon, but he grows giant, so giant that he can hold the Megazord in his hand. After the Rangers destroy the windmill that he's been using to control their dream, he shrinks. He is then destroyed at a normal giant size, and the plan is foiled. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Trickster Treat


Trickster was a cunning, devious and manipulative, wanted to destroy the Rangers at all cost by trapping them in his movie dimension, but is also loyal to Master Xandred.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mystokinesis: He can mess with people and events using magic to make people confused.
  • Movie Dimension: He has a movie dimension where he can trap people.
    • Nightmare Manipulation: Through his movie dimension, Trickster can manipulate and alter people's nightmares.
  • Movie Clone: The Trickster can create a movie copy of himself to battle the Rangers.
    • Enlarging: His movie clone can enlarge himself at will.
      • Size Enhancement: Trickster's clone can increase his size at will.
  • Dream Beam: His signature attack where he can emit yellow lined beams to attack his enemies.


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  • Vulnerability to Dream Beam: Trickster is vulnerable to his own dream beam attack, as shown when the Claw Armor Megazord used the Symbol Power Shield to reflect it back at him.


  • Bladed Staff: He has a bladed staff for combat that can fire yellow energy blasts.
  • Windmill: Trickster has a giant windmill which he can use to control people in his movie dimension.

Behind the Scenes



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