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"How did you figure it out?! Aah, my dream's gone! This is the worst wake-up call ever! You Rangers treated me to a nasty trick!"
―Trickster's final words before his death [src]
"I invaded their minds! Now I put weird thoughts in them."
―Trickster's first words[src]

Trickster is a Nighlok who can make people think about horror movies. He appeared in the Halloween Super Samurai special.

He is sent by Master Xandred and Octoroo and he traps the Rangers in his movie dimension to let Master Xandred take over Earth without any interference, but the Rangers find out his plan and the movie version of himself battles the Rangers. It is destroyed by the 5 disc Cannon, but he grows giant, so giant that he can hold the Megazord in his hand, but then he shrinks. He is then destroyed at a normal giant size, and the plan is foiled.


  • Staff: He has a staff.
  • Magical Abilities: He can mess with people and events using magic to make people confused.
  • Movie Dimension: He has a Movie dimension where he can trap people.
  • Dream Beam: He can emit a yellow lined beam to attack his enemies with.


He is voiced by Mark Mitchinson, who also voiced Armadeevil.


  • His voice is identical to Armadeevil’s voice.
  • He doesn’t actually battle the Rangers, the movie version of himself does.
    • This would mean that he doesn't really have a Mega Monster form, since only his movie version grew, making him the second Nighlok to not grow after death after Sergeant Tread.
  • He is similar to the creature from Pan's Labyrinth. 
  • His name comes from the DC villain of the same name.

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