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Tribunal of Magic

The Tribunal of Magic are a group of three powerful, cloaked beings who oversee all magic in the different worlds. They are visited by the Rangers in the "Dark Wish" trilogy, who ensure the existence of magic and reside in a separate dimension.


There council consists of three members:

  • Black - the hotheaded male overseer of Dark Magic. He is quick to negative decisions.
  • Red - the calm and comprehensive overseer of Neutral Magic. He is the one most willing to listen to a case.
  • White - the female overseer of Good Magic. While she is compassionate, she is also inquisitive.


After Imperious' "Dark Wish" had been granted, the teens had to make their way to the tribunal, in hopes of having the wish reversed. In making it to the Tribunal, they had succeeded where many before had failed in the past three centuries by fighting those who had failed to reach the Tribunal of Magic.

The Mystic Rangers pleaded their case, and asked that the Dark Wish be reversed. The Tribunal conferred and denied the request and sent them back home. However, they continued to watch the events unfold in the human world.

After the teens showed courage and bravery in the face of insurmountable odds, the Dark Wish was indeed reversed, and color & the Rangers' Powers, were restored to the world. The Tribunal acknowledged that the Rangers finally had taken responsibility, and learned that the easy way, is not always the correct one. They then granted them the power of the Mystic Force Legend Warriors as a reward for learning their lesson.

Background Information

  • The Tribunal Members were portrayed by the following actors:
    • The Dark Magic representative was voiced by Stuart Devenie, who also played Imperious. He sounds like a slightly more softly spoken version of Imperious.
    • The Neutral Magic representative was voiced by Michael Morrissey.
    • The Good Magic representative was voiced by Elizabeth McRae.


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