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Trial Manufacture Robot G2 (試作ロボットG2 Shitsuku Robotto Jītsū?) (42): A yellow robot created by Tranza as a predecessor to building a means to counter the Jetman mecha, G2 suddenly malfunctioned and was used as a test dummy by the Grinams while developing a child-like mind. Escaping to Earth, G2 finds itself in the middle of Grey and Maria's hunt for Gai and Kaori. After being repaired by Grey, G2 attempts to win his love. To that end, G2 kidnaps Maria to bring to Grey. Damaged protecting Maria from a landslide, and damaged even more while trying to protect Grey from Jet Bazooka, G2 is abandoned as it plays Maria's tune before self-destructing.


  • G2's motif is the one of a drawing mannequin
  • It's appearance resembles Fugitoid from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.


  • Trial Manufacture Robot G2 was voiced by Akiko Muta
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