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"It's time for a gold rush!"
―Trey's catchphrase.[src]

Trey of Triforia was the original Gold Ranger and a Lord on the planet Triforia. Trey has three personality traits, Courage, Wisdom, and Heart, respectively. Although not a Power Ranger created by Zordon, Trey associated and identified with the Zeo Rangers.

Retroactively, he is also referred to as the Zeo Gold Ranger or Gold Zeo Ranger, though these are in reference to the show as opposed to proper labels.




Trey's first time in the Power Chamber.

The Gold Ranger arrives on Earth in Pyramidas in 1996 shortly after the defeat of Admiral Abominator. The Gold Ranger first appears to the other Rangers when the Rangers are being overwhelmed by Wolfbane. After the battle, the Zeo Rangers debate whether to talk to the Gold Ranger who had helped them. Before they can, Wolfbane grows giant and the Gold Ranger calls for Pyramidas before vanishing after Wolfbane's demise. Tvicon TV STORY-The Power of Gold

The Gold Ranger appears after Prince Sprocket shrinks Tommy and Kat into a terrarium. The Gold Ranger helps them out of the terrarium they were trying to escape from and leaves but returned when the Rangers battle Tarantabot. He informs the Rangers that Pyramidas and their Zords can come together to form a more powerful Zord the Zeo Ultrazord although he leaves after the monster's destruction. Tvicon TV STORY-A Small Problem

Borax, a bounty hunter, comes after the Gold Ranger and works with the Machine Empire as both he and King Mondo both want to get rid of the Gold Ranger. Tvicon TV STORY-Do I Know You?

Despite Borax's quick death, the Varox pursue the Gold Ranger relentlessly and the Gold Ranger crashes on the planet of Aquitar where Cestro and Delphine retrieve him along with Pyramidas. The Gold Ranger is unable to hold onto the gold powers and demorphs in front of Cestro and Delphine. The Gold Ranger reveals himself to be Trey, Lord of Triforia. Trey is very weak and tells Delphine that he needs Zordon's help. Cestro and Delphine place Trey in a clear cylinder and contact Zordon. Trey is sent to Earth but, because King Mondo places a shield around the Power Chamber, he lands in the ocean by Angel Grove. The Rangers rescue Trey from the ocean and he thanks the Rangers before he splits into three beings - Trey of Courage, Trey of Wisdom, and Trey of Heart.

Because of the Varox's attacks, Trey is unable to preserve his unity and he needs to temporarily transfer his Gold Zeo Ranger powers. The Rangers believe they have the perfect candidate for the gold powers. Before they can leave, they are attacked by King Mondo and his Cogs so the three Treys help fight off the Cogs as they try to capture them. Billy breaks through the shield surrounding the Power Chamber and teleports the three Treys to the Power Chamber. The Golden Power Staff contains the gold powers and the Treys are ready to transfer the gold power to Billy by having Billy grasp the gold staff. The Rangers return to the Power Chamber and receive bad news: Billy cannot receive the gold powers as when the Command Center blew up, he received a large amount of negative proton molecules that reject the gold powers. The Treys emphasize that the gold power has to be transferred and Tommy believes that he has another qualified candidate for the gold powers. Tvicon TV STORY-Revelations of Gold

The three Treys wait along with the rest of the Power Rangers in the Power Chamber for Tommy to return with the new candidate. After some difficulty, as King Mondo tries to prevent them from entering the Power Chamber, Tommy returns with the new candidate - former Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Jason. The three Treys greet Jason and begin the transfer of power almost immediately. The Rangers have to leave to battle, and Jason tells them he will join them as quickly as possible. The three Treys surround Jason and each speak to him in turn. The gold staff is held over Jason and the transfer of power began. Jason becomes the new Gold Ranger and joins the rest of the Power Rangers. Later, the Power Rangers return to the Power Chamber. The three Treys have to return to Triforia to reunite their beings but they have a gift for the Rangers before they leave - the Super Zeo Gems so Jason holds the gold staff over the Super Zeo Gems which created the new Super Zeo Zords before the three Treys leave for Triforia. Tvicon TV STORY-A Golden Homecoming

Trey of Wisdom contacts the Power Rangers when a meteor approaches Earth but the transmission was not clear but the Treys warn the Rangers that they are in danger. After they work through the signal, Trey explains that he feels that he left the Gold Ranger at a disadvantage with Pyramidas gone. Trey sends the Rangers the Warrior Wheel which works with the Super Zeo Zords though he later sends Pyramidas to Jason. Tvicon TV STORY-Scent of a Weasel

Soon afterwards, the Gold Ranger powers are weakening, along with Jason's life force so the Treys arrive in the Power Chamber still ununited. Zordon has a plan that can reunite the Treys and save Jason but it is dangerous. Zordon explains that by using the Gold Ranger Staff, it can create an interplanetary unification beam that has to hit specific points of orbit on the planets Triforia, Aquitar, and Earth. If the precision of the beam misses, Trey and Jason might be destroyed but the Treys feel that there isn't really any other option and agree to the plan. The Treys, Kat, Tommy, Tanya, Adam, and Jason, leave for a desert area. On the way, they are attacked by King Mondo and his Cogs. Jason calls for the Gold Ranger Staff and the Treys quickly form a triangle around Jason before a beam from the Power Chamber hits the Golden Power Staff. The beam transfers from the Gold Ranger Staff to Aquitar, Triforia, and Earth. When the beam hits Earth, the Treys are reunited and are immediately morphed into the Gold Ranger. Trey has never felt better and quickly joins the battle when a giant King Mondo and some giant Cogs appear. Without any time to summon the Zords, Trey uses the Gold Ranger Staff to make himself and the rest of the Rangers grow large enough to battle King Mondo and defeat him once and for all. With the Machine Empire destroyed by the Evil Space Aliens shortly after, Trey leaves Earth as he is no longer needed. Tvicon TV STORY-Good as Gold

In Space[]

United Alliance of Evil invasion[]

Gold captived

Trey is surrounded by several monsters.

Two years later, during the United Alliance of Evil's attack on the galaxy, Trey is battling on a planet in the Vica Galaxy that Rita, Zedd and Goldar attempt to conquer the planet. Trey fights against them, but it is a difficult battle as he is dramatically outnumbered. Eventually, the Gold Ranger is surrounded after being blasted down by Goldar. Whilst the Gold Ranger is restrained, Ecliptor appears in the sky to announce that Dark Specter has been destroyed and that Astronema is now the Queen of Evil. Tvicon TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction, Part 1

Zordon's sacrifice[]

Trey is saved by Zordon's energy wave

Trey is saved from the monsters by Zordon's energy wave.

The following day, after Andros the Red Space Ranger destroyed Zordon's energy tube, freeing a great golden wave of energy that goes through the universe. Most of the villains, with the exception of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, are turned to dust. The Gold Ranger watches them warily and slightly confused as Rita and Lord Zedd are reverted to human form and dance happily. Tvicon TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction, Part 2

Dino Thunder[]

Trey is featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy shortly after he forms the Dino Rangers which is found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab. Tvicon TV STORY-Legacy of Power


Trey along with the other Zeo Rangers and other Ranger teams are seen in Troy's premonition about the Legendary Battle. Tvicon TV STORY-Mega Mission

He and the other Rangers are seen again in another of Troy's dream/vision about the Legendary Battle. Tvicon TV STORY-Stranger Ranger

Super Megaforce[]

Helping Orion in visions[]

Orion Six Rangers Vision Super Megaforce

Trey appears in a vision to Orion.

After an alien from Andresia named Orion comes across a Silver Ranger Key and the Legendary Silver Morpher, Orion gets visions from multiples Sixth Rangers whilst touching the Morpher including Trey. Tvicon TV STORY-Silver Lining

Orion calls out the power of all the Sixth Rangers, including Trey, in order to create the Super Megaforce Gold key. He also appears in the Legendary Final Strike during the second phase of the attack, slashing through the enemy with his Golden Power Staff. Tvicon TV STORY-Power of Six

Participating in the Legendary Battle[]

Legend War Charge

Trey of Triforia during the Legendary Battle.

Emperor Mavro was defeated, but the remaining thousands of X Borgs still stand. Tommy gathered all the existing Power Rangers, Trey returned with his fellow Zeo Rangers, as part of the army of Legendary Rangers led by Tommy that help the Mega Rangers defeat the Armada once and for all, fighting in a huge battle against hundreds of X Borgs and dozens of Bruisers. After the demise of the X Borgs, Tommy shook hands with Troy and teleported off along with Trey and the Legendary Rangers. He returns to Triforia after the battle ends. Tvicon TV STORY-The Legendary Battle: Extended Edition

Dino Fury[]

Season 1[]

Solon explains to Ollie that the Mighty Morphin Rangers never defeated Lord Zedd according to her. Ultimately, Trey of Triforia is briefly seen in a flashback via the Legendary Ranger Database. Ultimately, Zordon's sacrifice sent the Z-Wave across the universe and purged the evil around it. That included Lord Zedd and his wife Rita Repulsa being purified of their evilness, Trey sees Rita and Lord Zedd, when they dance happily. Tvicon TV STORY-Unexpected Guest

Season 2[]

Zayto activates the Legendary Ranger Database, showing Master Blue that Master Green came to them after the Dinohenge statues were destroyed and restored them to normal. Also, Zayto says that he found Ranger teams who were saved in their darkest moments through unexplained reasons and shows them three specific moments. Including the Legendary Battle where all the Legendary Rangers including Trey and the other Zeo Rangers coming to the aid of the Megaforce Rangers in the Legendary Battle and helping them defeat an entire army of the Armada's X Borgs. Tvicon TV STORY-Morphin Master


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Gold Zeo Ranger[]

Gold Zeo Ranger insert theme is Go Gold Ranger


Gold Zeo Ranger

Powers and Abilities[]


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  • Energy Rush: Trey can extend his Golden Power Staff hilt before rushing through the enemies with enough force to slay nine Cogs with one hit.
  • Gold Rush: Trey could open the tip of his Golden Power Staff and fire energy balls into the enemy which obliterates them.


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Appearances: Zeo Episodes 27, 28, 30-33, 50; PRIS Episodes 42, 43; SM episodes 20 & LBEV





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Villain Groups[]

Machine Empire[]
Evil Space Aliens[]


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Behind the Scenes[]



King Ranger armor

Gold Ranger Armor

  • The visor shape on his helmet and the symbol on his belt buckle is the Kanji character for "king" (王).


  • Trey's name came from the Latin word "tres", which means "three".

Legendary Ranger Devices[]

KingRanger Ranger Key

The Gold Zeo Ranger Key.

The Gold Zeo Ranger Key is Trey’s personal Ranger Key. This key along with the other 14 Official Sixth Ranger Keys are seen lining the Command Center's interior walls. This key is mainly used by Orion (Super Megaforce Silver) who uses it to fight as the Gold Zeo Ranger.

PRDC-Zeo Dino Charger (Gold Ranger)

Zeo Dino Charger

The Gold Ranger is one of the Rangers that represent the Zeo Rangers for the Zeo Dino Charger, released as part of Dino Charger Power Pack Series 3 with each charger depicting four pictures. In Zeo's case, it featured Zeo Ranger V - Red, the Gold Zeo Ranger, the Zeo Megazord, and the Zeo title. This Charger was paired with the Operation Overdrive Dino Charger.


  • Trey was the first Gold Ranger in Power Rangers history.
    • He also appeared nine years before the first and thus holds the distinction of being the only Ranger whose color appears in Power Rangers before Super Sentai.
    • Trey also remains the first and only Power Ranger whose Sentai counterpart is classified as a different color, as KingRanger is classified as a Black Ranger.
  • Trey's three personalities of Courage, Wisdom, and Heart line up 2/3 with the Triforce from "The Legend of Zelda"
    • The exception is Heart and Power, which might be because in The Legend of Zelda, the Triforce is used by The Main Villain, Ganondorf.
  • Prior to the revelation of Trey's identity, several red herrings were presented as the possible identity of the Gold Ranger. These included ex-Power Ranger Billy Cranston, Tommy's brother David Trueheart, and even Skull.
  • Before his identity was revealed, Trey explained to the Zeo Rangers that he could not reveal his true identity to them, as it would result in him losing his powers. The specifics of this were never explained.
  • According to the Gold Ranger panel at the 2012 Power Morphicon and a subsequent unrelated interview with the DeFlippo triplets, Trey was to appear in at least 30 episodes as well as be the focus of a spin-off set on Triforia which never came to be. Why it didn't happened is unknown.


Power Rangers Zeo vs The Machine Empire[]

PR Z vs ME Gold Zeo Ranger Trey

Trey appears as a playable character in Power Rangers Zeo vs The Machine Empire.

Power Rangers Key Scanner[]

Gold Zeo Ranger Scanner App Assets

Gold Zeo Ranger in Power Rangers Key Scanner

Trey as the Gold Zeo Ranger, appears in the video-game Power Rangers Key Scanner, among various other Ranger teams.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid[]

BFTG GZR Profile

Gold Zeo Ranger in Battle For The Grid.

The Gold Ranger is a playable character at-launch for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, where he uses his Golden Power Staff as his weapon.

Puzzle and Dragons[]

Puzzle and Dragons Power Rangers Gold Zeo Ranger

Gold Zeo Ranger in Puzzle and Dragons

As part of the collaboration by Hasbro in a limited game event, Trey of Triforia as the Gold Zeo Ranger was an unlockable character in Puzzle and Dragons. He has since been removed from the game after the collaboration ended.


  • 10 Turns ( 10 Turns at Lv.1 ), this card can be used as assist.

Leader Skill

  • ATK x6 when all subs are from Power Rangers Collab.
  • All attribute cards ATK x3 when attacking with 4 of following orb types: Fire, Water, Wood, Light & Dark.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars[]

Legacy Wars Trey of Triforia

Trey of Triforia as seen in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

Trey of Triforia appears as alternate skin for Jason in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid[]

Trey of Triforia appears in the board game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid as a playable character in the expansion "Ranger Allies Pack #1".

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