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Psycho Green (formerly named Trek) is a Psycho Ranger. He was also originally Supersonic Green, the Green Ranger of the Supersonic Rangers.[1]

Character History

Psycho Green's monster form

Psycho Green's monster form

Despite being a native of the planet Xybria, details concerning Trek, such as origins and point of recruitment into the Supersonic Rangers as their Green Ranger have not been explored. However, events from the team's final mission revealed that Trek and the team's Red Ranger, Ace, had frequent arguments concerning Ace's frequent decision to exclude him from field missions. On one such occasion, the core team were preparing to mobilize when Star, the team's Pink Ranger, grew concerned over her inability to read Trek's thoughts; as she had normally been able to.

However, upon arriving at the mission site, Trek tried to warn Star against continuing with the mission but fails. As the team proceeded into the building, an explosion ripples throughout the building. Among the rumble of the demolished building, Trek finds an wounded Ace and confesses to orchestrating the entire attack, before shooting him dead. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Year Two Deluxe Edition

Following the demise of his teammates, Trek departed for Planet Infernus to report his mission results to Dark Specter's avatar. Dark Specter then uses his dark power on Trek's morpher to change him into the very first Psycho Ranger - Psycho Green. He then served as Dark Specter's right hand.

Around 1869, he was sent to the Moon in order to release Rita Repulsa from her prison. However, defense cannons placed by Zordon and Alpha 5 shot down his spaceship. Unbeknown to the two, Psycho Green survived and his ship placed him within hibernation until it could detect lifeforms for a possible rescue attempt. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 20

In 1969, the events of the Moon Landing inadvertently reactivated the ship and awakened Psycho Green. While searching for the space dumpster, Psycho Green found Nikolai Chukarin and Jamie Gilmore (the Blue and Black Rangers respectively) and attacked them, crushing Jamie to death with a boulder. As Grace, Terona, and Daniel arrived, Psycho Green engaged with them, killing Daniel by destroying his visor and exposing him to the vacuum of space. After reaching the space dumpster, Psycho Green is blasted by the Power Blaster by the remaining Rangers. However, the attack didn't kill him and he returned in a second form, a giant, flaming, green monster. After chasing the Ranger trio to Rita's palace, he was finally incapacitated by Nikolai, who sacrificed himself to cause an explosion inside of Psycho Green. The only thing that remained of Psycho Green on the surface was his dagger/knife which was secretly taken by Grace.

In reality, Psycho Green was merely buried under the surface of the moon for decades, his armor battered, but his powers preserving him in the prime of his youth and sustaining him purely through the combination of Dark Specter's dark energy and Trek's own corrupted connection to the Morphin Grid. For years, Trek remain in the shadows and manage to escape the Z-Wave.


Trek was known even in his ranger days to be jealous, boastful, confrontational, and highly aggressive with his team as well as his enemies. His ire with the perceived mistreatment by the seer, Ace, proved homicidal, as he killed his entire team by way of morph bomb, which indicated that Trek was intelligent, strategic, and had a calculated understanding of the weaknesses and mindsets of those around him, which is consistent with his powers as an empath. Despite his currently psychopathic mindset since his empowerment by Dark Specter, Trek merely seemed to have a vain, bitter, and resentful mindset towards his former comrades. However, after being endowed with great power by Dark Specter, he has become far more sadistic, his vanity and arrogance giving way to sheer sadism and moral nihilism.

Powers and Abilities

Thanks to a gem embedded in his forehead, he is an empath. His connection to the grid allowed him to channel green energy blasts regardless of whether or not he is morphed. The gem in his forehead grants him empathic abilities, allowing him to feel the emotions of others and act on them to his advantage. This made him extremely perceptive when dealing with the leader of the Supersonic Rangers, as Trek was able to take advantage of Ace's near-blind faith and boundless confidence in his clairvoyant powers.

Ranger Powers

SuperSonic Green Suit

Supersonic Green (helmetless)


  • Psycho Dagger/Unnamed knife

Psycho Green's monster form

Psycho Green's monster form


  • As the Psycho Rangers were conceived on TV as evil counterparts to the Space Rangers, who lacked a Green Ranger, a Psycho Green did not exist on-screen. However, Psycho Green can be considered an alternative to Psycho Black. Indeed, in the team-up between the Space Rangers and the Galaxy Rangers, Psycho Black was pitted against the Green Galaxy Ranger in addition to Black Space Ranger, reflecting that Black and Green are typically placed on teams interchangeably.
  • Trek's name and origin story were revealed in the story "Psychotic" exclusively printed in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Year Two Deluxe Edition. It was written by Trey Moore, illustrated by French Carlomagno, and lettered by Ed Dukeshire.
  • Psycho Green is the second Psycho Ranger to be able to kill Power Rangers, Psycho Pink being the first. Ironically, they are happens to be evil counterparts Mighty Morphin Green and Pink even more than the rest of Psycho Rangers, despite Psycho Pink being designed to be Pink Space Ranger's evil counterpart, such as their having twisted personal weapons of the said Mighty Morphin Rangers respectively (Psycho Dagger to Dragon Dagger, and Psycho Bow to Power Bow). Psycho Red can be counted for being also a counterpart of Mighty Morphin Red due to his Psycho Sword being based on the Power Sword, except he never fought a single Ranger, unlike both Green and Pink.
    • In his first appearance, he is the first to manage to kill almost an entire Ranger team, with three Rangers killed and only two survivors. Though his last victim Nikolai was claimed by a suicide sacrifice before he could fully eat him as a monster. In his origin story, he did kill all five Supersonic Rangers.
  • According to Jason Bischoff, while creating Psycho Green may have depleted Dark Specter, Psycho Green is not dependent on him for power.[2]
  • Trek appears to be similar to Ryan Mitchell, as they are the sixth Power Ranger exclusives who don’t have their full counterparts from 5-members-only Sentai team, but their side switching roles happen to be opposite between good and evil, whereas Ryan turned good while Trek turned evil.
    • Coincidentally, both Sentai teams were family sentai where each sibling had a different, but relevant to a career (education, and search and rescue)
    • Trek's helmet as Super Sonic Green is never revealed, a case similar to Gosei Green due to never being seen on screen. However, unlike Trek, his helmet had an eventual release. 
  • Not counting Psycho Silver, due to being a fake, Trek is the only true Psycho Ranger who isn’t a cyborg like the rest of Astronema’s Psycho Ranger, due to being the original Psycho Ranger himself.



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