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Gomi jigen2

Giant Gomi Jigen

Gomi Jigen (ゴミジゲン, Gomijigen, 21): Originally a pile of garbage infused with Maria's Dimensional Bug after Tran took it from her, Gomi Jigen's will is provided by Ako's teddy bear Poo-tan. Though a good natured monster with the power to restore things to good condition, Gomi Jigen is the victim of prejudice before he found by Maria who attempts to discipline him before Ako arrives. Recognizing Ako as his "mama", Gomi Jigen follows Ako everywhere she goes before she leaves him at the dump so he can make a living ingesting garbage. However, after an attempt on his life by corporate goons whom he offended, Gomi Jigen is found by Maria who turns him into a giant rage-filled monster. After Ako attempts to reason with him, she joins the other Jetman in fighting Gomi Jigen as Jet Icarus. But when Blue Swallow saves a little girl, Gomi Jigen regains control of himself and returns to his normal size to save Blue Swallow. However, Maria kills Gomi Jigen with a saddened Ako later making a memorial to him.
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