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""Now, who's my target? Cause I'm ready to engage the cage!""
―Trappertron's first words upon being created.[src]
""Rangers! How terrifying! Not! Tronics!""
―Trappertron when engaging the Rangers for a short time before summoning Tronics.[src]
""Oh, no! I'm going away for good!""
―Trappertron before his death[src]


Trappertron is a cage-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers season 2.

Character History

Scrozzle created Trappertron by infecting a bird cage with the Evox virus. Scrozzle then sent Trappertron to Earth, where he ambushed Zoey, Blaze and Roxy outside of the Collins Institute. He first trapped Blaze and Roxy in a cage, then blasted Zoey to the ground. The other Rangers arrived before he could finish her off, with Steel wiping him out with a blast from his Striker Morpher. While Nate tried to free Blaze and Roxy from the cage, the others morphed and battled Trappertron, who summoned a squad of Tronics to aid him. After the Tronics were defeated, Trappertron fled the scene. While Ravi went to help Nate free Blaze and Roxy, Devon, Zoey, and Steel chased Trappertron. Trappertron tried to imprison the three Rangers in another cage, but they used their Beast-X Sabers to destroy it. He summoned more cage walls, but the Rangers easily destroyed them as well. Finally, Devon destroyed Trappertron with a single powerful slash from his Saber.

Although Trappertron failed to defeat the Rangers, he distracted them long enough for Scrozzle to scan Blaze and Roxy's DNA. Scrozzle used this data to revive Cybervillain Blaze and Cybervillain Roxy as robots.


Trappertron was a highly aggressive Robotron who had a habit of making cage-themed puns. When first confronting the Rangers, he was eager for a fight. However, after his Tronics were defeated, his attitude changed and he tried to flee.

Powers & Abilities

  • Cage Summoning: Trappertron could summon cages out of thin air to trap his opponents. Likewise, he could summon barred walls to block his enemies' path. These cages and walls could be quickly destroyed by the Rangers' Beast-X Sabers.
  • Tronics Summoning-Trappertron can summon an army of Tronics to aid him in battle.


  • Blasters: Trappertron is equipped with twin blasters mounted on his wrists which were strong enough to cause enormous explosions and send Zoey flying.

Behind the Scenes



  • Trappertron's final words before his destruction were also used by Slammer in Power Rangers Dino Charge. Ironically, both have the ability to capture people in cages.
  • In Go-Busters, Trappertron was originally killed by Zoey's Beast-X Cannon and Devon's Beast-X Sabre. The reason that this was removed is probably because of how violent it would look.
    • However, in the shot where Devon streaks towards the Robotron, Zoey can be seen summoning her Beast-X Blaster for some reason.

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